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People's Backs

A blog about interpersonal group dynamics
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I'm at the Cherry Blossom festival right now and trying to take pictures of the cherry blossoms but keep just getting people's backs. Then realized it's not just because it's so crowded but because group dynamics work so that if you are not bonded in pairs everyone turns their back to you. Looking back I recognize this about a lot of my photography, it's almost all of people's backs. Someone who isn't so confident that in the future software will be able to read back from all of these group shots to tell exactly what I was thinking should start a blog called people's backs dedicated to the academic study of group dynamics.
JesusHChrist, Mar 26 2016


       The good thing about your situation is that you can exclaim "hey chica, I got your back!" and then show her the picture. Make sure it is not really of her ass before you start talking. Because it probably is. But the cherry blossoms are a good excuse.
bungston, Mar 26 2016


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