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merman way

flotilla of ships in international waters
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The last frontier isn't here, just yet. Clarke and Hendrix were just a bit optimistic on the dates.

So we seem a collection of misfits. I bet you follow the Merm, don't. You? (Our stock market)

Zimmy, Aug 06 2011

Merman way http://www.youtube....1pI&feature=related
something like this, I could vote for. [bungston, Aug 08 2011]

Floating City Experiment on Earth Floating_20City_20Experiment_20on_20Earth
Aerostat Habitat Experiment [j paul, Aug 08 2011]

http://en.wikipedia...cipality_of_Sealand [jutta, Aug 08 2011]


       why would i want to move from one unstable idiocracy to another one that is isolated by water?
WcW, Aug 07 2011

       We are all isolated by water. This idiocracy would be movable.   

       the mobility of any idiocracy is limited by futility.
WcW, Aug 08 2011

       I wonder how many people you could support by converting the flight-deck of an aircraft carrier into a ploughable field. Whichever way you look at it, it is a rather expensive way to grow crops.   

       How about a similar idea, only achieved using a collection of zeppelins? If you built a transparent airship, you have what is effectively a floating greenhouse, capable of rising above the clouds to take advantage of the sun all year-around.
zen_tom, Aug 08 2011

       Right after you get working on those helium-breathing plants.
RayfordSteele, Aug 08 2011

       Use hot air not Helium see floating city link
j paul, Aug 08 2011

       /why would i want to move from one unstable idiocracy to another one that is isolated by water?/   

bungston, Aug 08 2011

       That would take a heck of a lot of hot air and therefore energy. Look at the gondola size of a hot air dirigible, and look at the bag size.
RayfordSteele, Aug 08 2011


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