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Percent-of-day-remaining watch

Is watching Seinfeld REALLY worth 3.2% of your day?
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The watch appears normal, except for one thing: a percentage under the literal time. When you wake up, the clock starts presenting the 'percentage' of your day you have remaining, to the tenth place.

The watch times when you get up (by pulse and movement, both things that watches can measure now); the watch times when you go to sleep. By averaging when you get up and when you sleep over a few days, it gets a good idea of your standard sleeping hours, and how many hours per day you have. If you go over your expected waking hours, it adds a third digit -- giving something 110% has a new meaning.

You can time how much of your waking day you spend on certain tasks. Your commute might only be 2% of your day -- but supper might be 4%. Which is a better use of your time? And more importantly, why is your watch showing you lost 3.6% of your day to Seinfeld when your friend only lost 3.2%?

Almafeta, Sep 28 2005

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       //Giving something 110% has a new meaning// Or *a* meaning, at least. Great idea! [+]
DocBrown, Sep 28 2005

       I really want one of these. If I spend more time commuting than eating I'll have to do something about it. Thinking about it, I'm not entirely sure that I want to know how much time I spend here every day.
wagster, Sep 28 2005

       <you spent 60% percent of your day working>   


       Don't wanna know that
Susan, Sep 28 2005

       This idea made me think of the times I worked in various factories; From the moment you clocked in, you were immediately wondering how long it would be before you were allowed out of the noisy, smelly, tedious and horrible place - or at least figuring out how best to pass the time spent there. I would have liked a reverse version of this watch that shows how much of the day remains. Or perhaps an upturned bucket that somehow conveyed the same information, but more grimily.
zen_tom, Sep 28 2005

       A friend had a clock in his office which didn't have a minute hand. He'd cancelled the numbers and written (From around 8 through 12 to 6) Coffee (8'ish)   

       Snack (10'ish) Coffee   

       Lunch (12'ish) Coffee   

       Tea (3'ish) Coffee   

       File (5'ish)   

       Home (5.30'ish)
Dub, Sep 28 2005

       I personally, strongly, and wholeheartedly advocate this Idea. <glances at watch> Enough?
reensure, Sep 28 2005

       Uhm. No. Only because no one can enjoy life staring at any kind of watch, especially not one that shows your day being subsumed into the past. Good for a day's project to calculate such things for the sake of curiosity. Terrible for everyday living.
k_sra, Sep 28 2005

       this is great +
benfrost, Sep 29 2005


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