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Perception Calibration Method - Perception Revelation To Apply To Life Challenges

Inverted images in your eyes that your brain flips upside down remind you of the power your brain has to change your perception of the world.
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The image of the world you see is flipped upside down, it doesn't actually exist as your body first perceives it since it had to be processed by a lens that distorted it (flipped it upside down) to direct it to your sensory mechanism. Your brain took this image and flipped it. There is no projection or picture of the world right side up in your body, the image you're perceiving now was created by your brain.

The concept is to remind yourself you're looking at a representation of the world that's flipped upside down and your brain is flipping it right side up to match reality and to consider how powerful your brain can be at changing perception.

Can it be applied to other areas? Can a hard time in life be seen as a challenge and therefore a good thing? Can pain be re-categorized as exercise? Can sadness be re-categorized as the bill you have to pay for being human and feeling love and other emotions that might tax your strength? The sensory mechanisms that feel the biting cold of winter are the same that feel the warmth of the summer sun or the cooling breeze on a hot day.

If our brain can flip the world upside down, what other perceptions can it change to help us through life if we direct it to do so?

Woke up last night thinking about this for some reason, maybe it was a weird dream or something, not sure if it makes any sense.

doctorremulac3, Sep 22 2021

Dunning - Kruger Effect https://en.wikipedi...%80%93Kruger_effect
[Frankx, Sep 23 2021]

Motivation and Life Guidance From Web-Enabled Screenwriters Motivation_20and_20...led_20Screenwriters
my old idea for something not unrelated [sninctown, Oct 09 2021]


       It could be because strictly speaking there is no actual invention here, just insight.
That said, this type of thought process is almost exactly how I go about taking negatives, flipping them on their heads, and turning them into positives.
For me though it started by contemplating the colour green.
When you see a green leaf it is Really every colour but green. It rejects the green spectrum of light and therefore our perception of things is quite opposite to reality.
This would make a raven the most brightly coloured bird as it absorbs the largest portion of the entire spectrum of light while a swan rejects most of it and is therefore very dark... we just can't see it that way.

       ...and if all of our perceptions are an inversion of reality then, perhaps time itself flows in reverse from fixed end results and we merely are unable to perceive it that way while trapped within four dimensions.   

       I guess it could be a "Perception Exercise".   

       Let me play with the wording.   

       I think what you said about color perception would fit right in with this. Knowing the world in your mind is a processed reality really does beg the question "What opportunities do I have to change this processed reality?"
doctorremulac3, Sep 22 2021

       I find this helpful in assessing whether I should do something, or when doubting my abilities at something. I ask myself "What if I am really bad at assessing my own skills and qualities?"
hippo, Sep 22 2021

       I do that every day. It really is and has always been my big life challenge. Then I try to remember that I rose to the challenge and completed the goal. You can surprise yourself.
doctorremulac3, Sep 22 2021

       //assessing my own skills and qualities//   

       The fact that you question, means you're probably good.   

       Dunning-Kruger effect [link].   

       I was once required to write a competency specification for a particular role - of which I was the only role-holder. Then I got into this whole think-loop of "how can I judge my own competency"   

       If I'm not competent at a task, then I'm also not competent to judge my own competency at that task, and am likely to judge myself as competent...
Frankx, Sep 23 2021

       //Can a hard time in life be seen as a challenge and therefore a good thing? Can pain be re-categorized as exercise//   

       To do so is to deny reality. To do so with much vigor is to pursue insanity. To succeed is to become insane. Many people have become insane to escape pain and misery. In fact in my opinion that's the most common reason to do so. It's a long slog back out, if there is a way out at all. On the whole most people are better served by admitting that their situation is an unhappy one.
Voice, Sep 24 2021

       Well, my point was, can a hard time be seen as a challenge and therefore a good thing AFTER you've risen up to the challenge and conquered it?   

       You obviously don't accept anything bad without at least trying to change it. You accept the challenge as a part of life that can be good because it generated the strength in you to win.   

       Doesn't take any work to admit your situation is bad. So then what? Keep admitting the situation is bad? Sounds like feeling sorry for yourself to me. So okay, feel sorry for yourself, then what? Keep doing it again and again and again? Isn't that the textbook definition of insanity?   

       And just to be clear, I'm so superman, these are just some things I try to keep in mind to get me through the hard times, which believe me, I've had my fair share of.   

       I told somebody about a business that I started in a garage in my youth and lost years later that was worth quite a bit of money and the person I relayed the story to said "I would have committed suicide if that happened to me." I was like "Well, thanks for the moral support, but I am glad I didn't go that route.
doctorremulac3, Sep 24 2021

       Just found out this is totally baked. They teach this exact thing in a psychology class one of my kids is taking. Not similar, exact, essentially word for word.
doctorremulac3, Sep 24 2021

       It's cyclic like everything else.
Humans during times of war vie for peace.
Humans during times of peace create art.
Humans never having known strife are open to corruption.
Corrupt humans lust for power.
Power further corrupts, art is destroyed, and war is inevitable at that point.

       Ad infinitum.   

       As far as I've been able to determine the only point at which that cycle can be broken is between the ''corrupt humans lust for power" and the "power further corrupts" point.   

       Kind of like where we are now.   


We're it!

       Low level physical stuff like light mapping, possibly the other sense inputs, would be a few layers of neural netting so can be flipped. Emotion and higher order outputs/actions are a multitude of complex data sets and modelling. There is no one dimension to flip. Those usually get changed through the introduction of new lines of data to blend with current model data sets.   

       What I'm trying to say, the sense flip, I think, isn't high enough in the mental/mind model to make a real impact.
wjt, Sep 25 2021

       Well, this would be an exercise in how perception works towards the acceptance that perception can be changed, albeit by different mechanisms for different systems.   

       Maybe a good analogy would be the maple seed fluttering down out of a tree that inspires the helicopter. Yes, one is orders of magnitude more complicated but there are enough similarities that one might inspire the other.   

       If the thought that you brain flips images inspires you to try to flip other perceptions, the concept works.   

       But like I said, this is already well baked in the study of psychology so I should probably take it down.
doctorremulac3, Sep 25 2021

       //well baked//   

       I think as a mental exercise and coping strategy it's good, and that justifies it as an invention, so don't delete - it might just help someone in difficult times.   

       I do use something like this - doesn't always work but it can be effective at distracting from pain, physical discomfort etc.   

       It kind of goes along with the motto "what does not kill me makes me stronger"   

       Also //I'm so superman// - and you're so modest too!
Frankx, Sep 26 2021

       lol! You made my day Franx, leaving this up per your request.
doctorremulac3, Sep 26 2021

       This is good. It puts into words a floating idea Iv'e never been able to quite nail down, myself, but have always wanted , nay, longed to.   

       Basically, i think it asks one to put to practical test the oft- spouted theory that we only use 10% of our brains. - And suggests a method for using more, in order to improve life, or at least one's outlook on life. I'm all for it.   

       But I think there's an exercise like that in Psychology called 'reframing'. Like when you tell people you're cold, and they say something like: 'Just be glad you're not in Antarctica!' (As if that will somehow warm you up.)   

       I've also heard of 'putting things in perspective', and then there's that dubious phrase: 'magical thinking'. Both of these quite possibly have potential, if they could be conscientiously employed.   

       Cats do it - looking at the world upside down when they're bored. Which is a lot of the time.   

       I'd say it classifies more as a skill to be developed, than an invention. It's helpful, but could become a double-edged sword: great and awe-inspiring things could be flipped, or reframed if you like, to look piddling and mediocre.   

       Case in point - this very post! Perception Calibration Method...A discussion about a vital, life-enhancing skill, thrust unceremoniously among all sorts of other random ideas in some bakery somewhere. When it could be printed in embossed font on the cover of a slick, high-gloss self-help manual on the shelves of every bookstore everywhere, no?   

       The pop version could be titled: 'How to Flip Your Lid for Fun and Profit'...   

       Maybe there needs to be a 'self help' category around here...There doesn't appear to be one anywhere in the bakery. I looked - through at least half of it. Nothing!
Edie, Oct 09 2021

       Hello, [Edie]; nice to see you back here.
pertinax, Oct 09 2021

       Wow, thank you for a very interesting annotation Edie. Virtual bun for you. [+]
doctorremulac3, Oct 09 2021


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