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Self inflating headstone
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As avid canoe campers and hunters, our group of Weasels will occasionally bring a relatively inexperienced person on one of our trips. Some never come back (for a second trip). Some never come back at all (return home). On those special occasions we always carry 1 or 2 PermaRest self-inflating headstones to mark the event. Light weight and portable, they only require opening the valve to inflate full size. Inflation time is just about the same length of time it takes us to split up the unfortunate soul's camping or hunting gear amung the group and get under way.

$9.95 any color (as long as it's grey)

Weaselelder, Jun 06 2006


       um, how do you engrave it?
tcarson, Jun 06 2006

       We just use PermaNemt marker
NACWE, Jun 07 2006


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