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Screw-In Deer Antlers

The Game Warden will never know...
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What to do? You want meat for the freezer but it's buck-only season and you haven't seen one all day... Well, don't despair! Shoot that big fat doe and screw on a set of antlers! The antlers should be something modest - four or six points. You just want enough to get past the game warden, not enough to draw an admiring crowd. I'm thinking you could injection mold plastic horns over a steel shaft with a thin, self-tapping screw built in. For only $20 you can avoid that annoying $1000 fine and confiscation of you firearm and truck!
Navy_Guns, Jul 10 2005


       Oh deer.   

       what 2 fries said.
po, Jul 10 2005

       You can call them Rompolas.
bristolz, Jul 10 2005

       Made me laugh [+];
Really not keen on shooting animals anyway, and there are probably good reasons why they're not in season. [-].
moomintroll, Jul 10 2005

       I wonder if these could work for people, too.
Laughs Last, Jul 10 2005

       Ha Ha Ha, What Pa`ve said.
Zimmy, Jul 11 2005

       I think screw-on dangly bits must be baked. I'm sure I've seen them in the Village. Why not expand the usage of screw-on antlers beyond the deer community? In the case of a charging grizzly bear, for example, a pair of antlers would add some much-needed comic relief.
crater, Jul 12 2005

       I occasionally shoot a fish only to find out that they are just shy of legal size. If I attach the horns, will the Fish and Game guys be impressed?
normzone, Mar 24 2006

Braindead, Mar 24 2006


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