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Take your time!
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The flash bulb is a wonderful camera accesory. Originally, camera flashes were composes of a trough of flammable powder which would explode with a brief moment light when ignited - back then the only way to get a bright enough light on demand. Now there are much more efficient ways to produce bright lights - yet all of these operate for only a fleeting second - just as their long gone ancestor did.

The BUNGCO Permaflash puts the past behind. No longer do photographers have only that fraction of a second to take the shot. The Permaflash comes on and stays on! Bathe your subject in flashbulb brightness that goes on and on! Take your time composing the picture. Turn it off when picture time is done.

bungston, Jun 03 2005


       This is crazy! Do you know why nobody has done this already??   

       Mm, neither do I. [+]
finrod, Jun 03 2005

       Video lamp?
DrCurry, Jun 03 2005

       Baked: Spotlights and other forms of film lamps. Lighting technitians don't just do flashes. Also, the downside is that your subject's hair is more likely to frizz-up, they may start to sweat profusely, and are more likely to squint.
zen_tom, Jun 03 2005

       High shutter-speed sync flash for SLR cameras is actually a very rapid series of strobes, so no real reason not to extend this for as long as required (battery power permitting). Otherwise, there's always that great big H-bomb in the sky.
coprocephalous, Jun 03 2005

       Hmmmm bathing your subject in light is not always a good thing. For starters, you will no longer be able to get brilliant action shots as they require a short sharp burst of light for the best results.
kaz, Jun 03 2005


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