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Perpetual Birthday Candles

Use them over and over!
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Artificial birthday candles that have micro LEDs as the flames. With a tap, they light up in festive colors with a realistic flicker.

Make a wish and blow! An internal filament switch reacts to a hearty puff of air and extinguishes the candles.

You might miss that candle smell- but safer for kids, no candles melting down to the icing because they were lit too soon, and no smoke alarms going off on your 40th.

wombat, Aug 08 2003


       They are cheaper than AAAA's.
wombat, Aug 09 2003

       When do we start production, [jutta]?
Klaatu, Jan 06 2004

       I'll have to agree with this idea. I used to joke about people who used artificial Christmas trees -- I've been using one for the past three years and like it better every year. I like this for the same reasons.
mack2, Jan 06 2004

       You do realize that the "Happy Birthday" lyrics are probably copyrighted even though the tune lapsed into the public domain decades ago?   

       I'd like to see a restaurant sing:
. . You're birthday's today.
. . What more can we say?
. . The tune's out of copyright;
. . ASCAP go away.
supercat, Jan 15 2004


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