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Perpetual anti-gravity buttered toast/ falling cat machine.

[marked-for-expiry] echo...cho...ho...o
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There used to exist a whimsical hb idea to strap buttered toast to the back of a cat and drop them.
That idea doesn't seem to be findable anymore, but someone found it/thought it up on their own and made a short enrgy drink commercial about it.
I thought you might want to see it. [link]

It's just the way I pictured it...

Muhaha Muhahahahahahaha http://www.youtube....watch?v=Z8yW5cyXXRc
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 18 2012]

Nearly 20 years old... http://en.wikipedia...uttered_cat_paradox
[hippo, May 18 2012]

Murphy's law application for antigravitatory cats http://uncyclopedia...ntigravitatory_cats
(Often crops up on FARK) [Dub, May 18 2012]

Or this http://www.evilmilk...Infinite_Energy.htm
I saw this a few days ago on evilmilk [evilpenguin, May 19 2012]


       It wasn't unique to the HB. I'm pretty sure it originated with a cartoon in some science magazine.
Alterother, May 18 2012

       Fab find 2-fries love it!
zen_tom, May 18 2012

       That's hysterical. Think someone read our idea?
blissmiss, May 18 2012

       Older than the HB.   

       There's nothing new under the sun - Ecclesiastes   

       In fact, even that quote seems to have Greek roots, that are much older than the Book of Ecclesiastes.
UnaBubba, May 18 2012

       Comment found on above-mentioned video "...No matter what adhesive I tried both cats land on their feet and both pieces of toast land butter side down...."   

       suspicion of B-o-r-g involvement
not_morrison_rm, May 18 2012

       I doubt it; dead cats hardly ever land on their feet.
Alterother, May 19 2012

       Still waiting for the Dead Cat Bounce.
UnaBubba, May 19 2012

       Wonders how [Alterother] knows this for fact. Scared to know how [Alterother] knows this for fact.
blissmiss, May 19 2012

       Not scary, [blissy]; I grew up in a veterinary clinic. I've spent a lot of time around dead animals. We try to treat them with utmost respect, but in the hustle-bustle of a busy workplace, you know... Things get dropped sometimes.   

       In high school Honors Art, the class was assigned to do a series of still-life illustrations of the same subject in several different drawing styles. I drew question from the instructor when I displayed eight drawings of a Labrador Retriever. I salvaged my grade when I explained that the dog was recently deceased, and that I had arranged it in a life-like pose. The only girl in the class who didn't wilt (or pretend to) ended up becoming a vet tech and later came to work for my father.   

       The owners of the dog later accepted one of the sketches as a gift. They weren't upset in the slightest that I had taken advantage of their loss to complete my assignment.
Alterother, May 19 2012

       //I grew up in a veterinary clinic   

       Good lord, is HB a multi-species affair..I never knew..but does it matter what shape you are?   

       Erm, what shape are you, if I might ask?
not_morrison_rm, May 19 2012

       The traditional human shape, one of the larger specimens possibly... Although, if my victims could speak, you might get a somewhat exaggerated description from them. I understand that, just before the kill, when my sword is drawn and death is nigh, I appear to be over 7' tall, with glowing eyes and the anima of a burning crown projected above my head...   

       I am the Heathen King, after all.
Alterother, May 19 2012

       //burning crown projected above my head.   

       Just as well it's a projection, you'd never get past it Health and Safety otherwise..
not_morrison_rm, May 20 2012

       I've never seen it myself... Apparently it's only visible to those who have angered me.
Alterother, May 20 2012

       <wonders exactly how the Devil would cope with Health and Safety> corks on fork tines, no more than 35 degrees temperature water in sinner-boiling pools, Brimstone banned except in areas with the proper breathing apparatus...a safety rep, a first aid kit and trip hazard cones all over the place...
not_morrison_rm, May 20 2012

       And in some strange way it would be even more hellish after refitting.   

       I wonder, with the number of morbidly obese and generally people of poor health on the rise, if heaven and hell have had to retrofit their steps to escalators and handicapped ramp access. "In my father's house there are now slightly fewer, though larger rooms..." Perhaps it's a good thing the universe is expanding.
RayfordSteele, May 21 2012


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