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Personal Blood Cooler

An improvement to the "black ice" personal cooler device
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An insulated back pack (can be set next to the person) holds a storage of ice with a tiny water pump and battery, possibly aided by some solar cells. The pump sends water in cyclic motion to the neck area, worn like the Core Personal Body Cooler, or like the Coolware Personal Body Cooler. This cools the blood in the arteries, and thus relieves the whole body. Two digital thermometers check and set the flow rate, so that the water reaching the neck, is only at a slightly lower temperature than the neck itself.

Price $44 in all supermarkets.

See links for looks.

pashute, Aug 03 2010

Coolware Personal Cooling System http://www.sharperi...h+motorized+fan.axd
This is a chiller device working on water evaporation and a fan to the person's neck and back [pashute, Aug 03 2010]

661 Core Personal Body Cooler http://www.sixsixon...e-b27b-5647681a773a
[pashute, Aug 03 2010]

Black Ice Cooling http://www.blackicecooling.com/
[pashute, Aug 03 2010]


       Can't a serious invention get any merit on this site?
pashute, Aug 03 2010

       But seriously, what about actually circulating the blood through a heat exchanger? Most people will never notice the two fang marks on your neck...
Grogster, Aug 03 2010

       Hmmm - what's the difference between this, and any other personal blood coolers on the market, like fans, water-atomisers, water immersion systems (swimming pools, rivers, the sea, etc) - other than it can be worn on the body?
zen_tom, Aug 03 2010

       Wouldn't carrying a pump, battery, and/or ice supply on your back be ridiculously heavy and cumbersome? What is the problem with the existing devices (or, for that matter, a wet towel around your neck) that this is intended to address?
jutta, Aug 03 2010

       When the humidity level is up at near saturation (like in the wet tropics in summer)- a wet towel around the neck does very little in the way of cooling.   

       I live up here and I can tell you that in the "build up" to the wet season, when the humidity is very close to dew point and the temperature can at times be above 37 degrees (centigrade) - even body sweat simply becomes warm water on your skin, with little or no cooling effect.   

       Bun from me.
Custardguts, Aug 03 2010

       Like [Grogster], I thought, or hoped, that this would be a device which more directly cooled your blood. This could be done either by re-routing an artery through a portable cooling pump, or by having a small cooling system instered subdermally - this could have cooling elements wrapped around an artery controlled and powered by an inductive loop mounted on the surface of the skin.
hippo, Aug 04 2010

       [hippo] I was misled in the same way by the title. The problem with that idea is that it's already done better by skin). I'd like to see the blood routed to an external heat- exchanger through clear tubes: The advantage of that is the [a]esthetics. I think jewelry at the sight of which some people faint would have a big appeal. Cooler than blushing and sweating, in a different sense of "cool."
mouseposture, Aug 04 2010

       I'd prefer a backpack full of boa constrictors on ice. Wrap one around your neck, and you have cold blood circulating next to warm blood. Ahhhhhh...
ldischler, Aug 04 2010

       And as the torpid poikilotherm warms, and, finding itself coiled around your neck begins to squeeze: Ahhhhhh...eeeEEK.
mouseposture, Aug 05 2010

       And they will say of him, "...well, at least he was cool under pressure..." (sorry, couldn't help myself)
Grogster, Aug 05 2010

       If you put a wet towel it is either too cool, or under humid conditions does not cool at all.   

       You don't want to let the skin do the job, because it smells. (Of course it would be stupid to to never let yourself sweat, just like its stupid to sit all day glaring at the PC, and pressing RUN after download, instead of running around the fantastic scenery where you live).   

       When you put a cold water bottle on your neck, it cools the whole body! No need for fangs. The problem is, that a cold water bottle gives you a headache, same as eating ice cream too quickly.   

       So you need to control the amount of heat.
pashute, Aug 08 2010

       Wouldn't it be easier to wear a cold pack on your wrists, over the ulnars/radials?
DrWorm, Aug 08 2010


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