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personal air-conditioner

Portable device to provide multiple velocities of super-cooled air.
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A small device that could be plugged in to any standard 110 outlet, that would provide a continuous stream of super-cooled air. This is a cross between a standard air-conditioner and a hair-dryer. The oscillating fan would be a thing of the past, replaced by this multi-directional CoolJet. With certain accessories and/or adaptors it could be used in the car, at the beach, etc. Why wait for mother nature to send a cool breeze, when you can enjoy the sun and start the breeze yourself!
dust, Apr 02 2002

(?) great idea even simpler than yours http://www.coolstuf....com/desaircon.html
works on ice. is a hit success! (6 years later gone from web) [pashute, Oct 04 2004, last modified Aug 02 2010]

fascinating <g> http://www.andrecon...ng.com/Voltages.pdf
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Was just going to invent this http://www.sharperi...h+motorized+fan.axd
Personal Blood Cooler [pashute, Aug 02 2010]

And this... (BlackIce) http://www.blackice...lack-ice-video.html
Personal coller [pashute, Aug 02 2010]


       All the important stuff is 110/60, though. There are some very minor countries using oddball currents like 240/50 and the such.
bristolz, Jan 02 2003

       Sharper image and Misty mates have personal cooling devices, but these are either based on local cooling (neck only) or misting. Other devices use a bucket of ice-water, but they are appliance sized.   

       I recon the main problem for A/C type personal cooling is that much of the cooling is wasted - therefore the macinery needed to cool at such a high capacity is very large.   

       One solution would be to have a mini vaporization cycle unit blowing cold air into a puffy cold-suit. Of course, you'll end up looking like the Michelin Man.   

       If you want to do it and keep your figure, you may have to use the water-cooling devices that NASA uses. I've seen the refrigerant packs downsized to the size of a notebook.
FloridaManatee, Jul 21 2003

       where might that be? bris.
po, Aug 18 2003


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