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Personal Bus Protection

Protective bubblewrap to avoid injury on the bus
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I'll get straight to the point. When buses stop and start they have a complete and total disregard for passenger safety. What is needed is a protective bubblewrap suit to prevent bus injuries of passengers on the bus.
AndyH, Dec 24 2013

The "low tech" solution http://www.myfoxny....w-bus-seat-belt-law
[theircompetitor, Dec 24 2013]


       The alternative is to cover the whole bus interior in bubblewrap, but I think I like the idea of commuters morphed into Michelin men, squeaking and skreaking against each other as the bus thumps through potholes.
calum, Dec 24 2013

       And on long bus rides you can amuse yourself by popping other passengers.
normzone, Dec 24 2013

       Pop ! Pop ! Pop !   

       Of the 21 people killed in us bus accidents last year, how many would be dead in spite of belts? (see link) Were any driven into rivers or off mountain sides?   

       Weight of say 30 seat belts X all new passenger bus miles = equals extra fuel costs for bus lines.   

       Ticket prices going up.
popbottle, Dec 24 2013

       Hmm the problem is seat belts are not effective if the passenger is standing up in order to get off at their stop. Perhaps a standing seat belt harness could be used that is only taken off when the passenger leaves the bus?
AndyH, Dec 26 2013

       The answer is very simple. Separate the body of the bus from the chassis; support it at front and rear with fast-acting pneumatic rams (hydraulic would probably be too slow; electric too heavy).   

       Sensors in the chassis detect the delta-vee of the bus and raise the front or rear to compensate; thus the floor is always "level".   

       Assuming a change in velocity of no more than 1 m s-2, and given your planet's gravitational acceleration is a puny 9.8 m s-2, the bus floor need rise no more than 8.5 degrees to compensate for the average range of forces.
8th of 7, Dec 26 2013

       Will a reinforced version be available in India?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 27 2013


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