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Chicken rental stations in towns.
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I've noticed that in many countries passengers on buses and ferries bring along live caged chickens. Generally, they strap them onto the top of the bus, but on one ferry trip I rode next to a cage full of live chickens in the main passenger compartment. Apparently, this is an everyday occurrence in many countries.

More convenient, I think, would be to distribute the chickens to Rent-a-Chicken locations in every town. Thereby, someone travelling would not have to bring their chickens along with them. Instead, they could ride without chickens and when they arrived in a town rent a cage of live chickens to carry around with them.

The benefit would be less weight carried around on buses and ferries, saving gasoline and benefiting the environment. Plus, children would run less risk of being pecked by a live chicken on buses and ferries.

flounder, Feb 01 2009

Chicken Bus Story http://www.roadjunk...atemala-chicken-bus
[Amos Kito, Feb 01 2009]

Max Barry is way ahead of you http://maxbarry.com/2008/03/24/news.html
[simonj, Feb 02 2009]


       The simple solution would be for the bus drivers to start charging extra for chicken transport.
Spacecoyote, Feb 01 2009

       I did not think of that, but I'm also not sure that they don't charge. I never tried to bring my chickens along when travelling in those areas. A market-based approach, though, makes a lot of sense.
flounder, Feb 01 2009

       doesn't it make more sense for a tourist to rent a chicken for the bus trip ?
FlyingToaster, Feb 01 2009

       Bigsleep, I think the unions might cry "fowl" to any market-based solution.
flounder, Feb 02 2009

       I like FT's solution, which should be baked worldwide. flounder's wouldn't have had a problem if (s)he had been renting a chicken since early childhood, whenever catching the number 12 to Rickmansworth.
MadnessInMyMethod, Feb 02 2009

       // children would run less risk of being pecked //   

       Not with Rent-a-Child. Why are chickens being picked on?
mylodon, Feb 02 2009

       //Why are chickens being picked on?//   

       Why indeed? At least their bus rides end in sale and profit for their owner; the same cannot generally be said of the children.
ryokan, Feb 02 2009

       bigsleep, if the birds ever go on strike, all our peckers will be wanting.
flounder, Aug 27 2009

       deposit your chicken here, pick up someone else's chicken there...
smendler, Aug 27 2009

       I think those people aren't just carrying chickens around for the sake of carrying them around. They are taking them somewhere for one of three specific reasons: 1. So the chickens can lay eggs somewhere for them 2. So they can fight the chicken against other chickens for sport and wagering (cockfighting) 3. So they can kill the chicken and then either cook and eat the chicken or use it for a voodoo/satanic/religious ritual of some sort   

       So it wouldn't do them much good to rent a chicken except for the egg-laying chickens which can be returned; all other chickens are bound to be destroyed. If the Rent-A-Chicken agency offers insurance, they'd go broke paying on the claims of all the dead and/or injured chickens.
JohnnyB11, Aug 27 2009


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