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Personal Popcorn Machine

Another Corny Gadget
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Microwave popcorn is far too convenient. And it's always the same amount of popcorn. The alternative hot oil popcorn poppers are great, but huge. They make smaller tabletop versions, but that's not small enough. My personal popcorn popper is not more that 3 in^3. [7.6cm^3] The popper would be suspended above a bowl. A small attractive package. Powered by house current, the hot oil popper can pop 1 cup of kernals in minutes. Fresh, hot popcorn, made right where your about to enjoy it, no more that arms reach. Imagine a slow cooking cycle that pops slower, you would have an endless supply of fresh popcorn. Install one at every seat of your home theater. Now everyone in your theater can have there own popcorn, on demand. Or set one on your desk at work. Why make a huge amount of popcorn when you only want a little. And everybody can personalize their flavoring. Butter, extra butter, lite butter, carmel........
evilpenguin, Jul 01 2007


       Love it. I'll take two.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 01 2007

       Take it to its logical conclusion - a popcorn popper that pops each kernal individually. This way, you get popcorn-on-demand, with no waste or left-overs, always warm and fresh.
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 01 2007

       I prefer the popcorn gun...........
S-note, Jul 06 2007


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