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Countertop Pressure Popper

Pops anything, not just popcorn
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The countertop pressure popper is a small countertop appliance, the size of a toaster.

You pour into one opening, a small amount of popcorn, or other uncooked grain. Into another opening, you pour a bit of water.

Close and lock the lid, rendering the device completely air-tight / pressure-tight. Turn it on, which causes the heating element to boil the water. Since the interior volume of the device is fairly small, only a small amount of water is needed to generate high pressures.

A small fan circulates the steam around the grain.

The temperature of the steam is raised to about the same temp as popcorn pops at, and the same *internal* pressure as popcorn has at the instant of popping.

The pressure and temperature are kept there until the heat and steam fully penetrate the grain being cooked... probably about a minute.

While the food is being cooked, the user fits a cloth bag over the popper's opening.

When cooking is done, the user opens a butterfly valve, which releases all of the pressure at once, causing the food being cooked (and the steam) to explode into the bag.

With this device, you can not only make popcorn, but rice crispies, puffed wheat, corn puffs, etc..

goldbb, Jun 15 2009

The inspiration for this idea http://www.youtube....watch?v=elZgP_m8WL0
[goldbb, Jun 15 2009]

Now with air power! http://www.jr.com/i...HRTitle=PRS%2004820
[Letsbuildafort, Jun 15 2009]


       and the sign says: "Long haired, scary people, need not apply".
4whom, Jun 15 2009

       WARNING: Correct use of this equipment may cause serious injury or death.   

8th of 7, Jun 15 2009

       Well, yes. However, your link shows a video of a chinese gentleman making popcorn. In the video, a sealed metal pot containing popping corn and water is heated, and then placed at the mouth of a large cloth bag. The aforementioned chinese gentleman then opens a butterfly valve, which releases all of the pressure at once, causing the food being cooked (and the steam) to explode into the bag.   

       So, your invention here is the use of an electric heater in place of a charcoal fire?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 15 2009

       I've seen versions of this in Chinese stores, they make great tasting rice cakes, but the pop will scare the hell out of you.
Hirudinea, Jun 15 2009

       Not just using an electric heater, but also the idea of popping/puffing other foods, things which don't normally pop.
goldbb, Jun 18 2009

       Hmm - yes, fair point goldbb.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 19 2009

       // things which don't normally pop. //   

       Grapes ?
8th of 7, Jun 19 2009


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