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Personal Safety Box (PSB)

Flat pack box which can be quickly assembled and hidden in.
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This device folds away into a slimline, briefcase type, carrier, which can be taken anywhere and fits into all social occasions. It provides peace of mind to citizens fearing terrorist attack or hoodlums.

On sensing an assailant the product can be unzipped and erected in seconds, allowing the user to quickly step in and seal the lid from the inside. It is then merely a case of 'waiting out' the attacker.

The box would be constructed of a strong, lightweight material and incorporate a small perspex window for surveillance purposes and general ambience. Deluxe versions would include a small flashing light to highlight distress and maybe a whistle.

I was previously going to design in a snorkel type device to allow breathing, but fear that this could be prone to sabotage. All boxes will now therefore be shipped with a small oxygen cannister.

A 'DO NOT REMOVE' sign will be clearly visible on the box to prevent waste management operatives disposing of the user should they become unconcious through sleep, or other.

If this idea receives positive feedback I plan to begin production immediately and offer the device for sale at


rich123, Feb 10 2005


       Have you ever been to a construction site at around 4:00am? How many portable toilets were standing, and how many had been tipped? I get the feeling someone would be severely injured getting rolled down the street in one of these.   

       Regardless, it's still a pretty nifty idea; welcome to the halfbakery!
contracts, Feb 10 2005

       The outer surface could be conductive, then all you need is some suitable high voltage generator to drive off the perps. If the high voltage oscillated at 7Hz (or is it 14Hz?) then I believe they shit themselves. It could be called 'Zap n Crap Trap' or something. Perfect for the paranoid-ly challenged.
ljanz, Feb 10 2005

       An agoraphobic travel necessity.
About the only improvement I can think of would be bio-hazard stickers to prevent curiosity openings.

       As you suggest, lightweight and strong material is vital. In addition, it should be fireproof, bulletproof, and sealed to prevent radiation/gas penetration. Wonderful idea. Will probably require the discovery of a new element. I'll be looking.
ORISIS, Feb 11 2005

       As an additional ruse to fool the attacker, the erected box could be covered with simulated "Giftwrap," tied up in ribbon, with a simulated bow on top, and a little gift card that says "Do not open until Xmas." This will trick the perp into leaving you alone until Xmas.
robinism, Feb 11 2005


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