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Product Aligned Packing

Make the packing resemble the product field.
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A manufacturer of medical equipment will pack their shipped equipment with those packing peanuts or inflated bags, some of which are shaped and perhaps colored like body parts of various sizes. A weapons manufacturer will ship their smaller products cushioned by inflated bomb and missile shapes. A major distributor of condoms and sex toys, well, you get the idea.

Different sizes can be used. Perhaps four legs, one arm and assorted cavity organs might cushion a surgical imaging processor, a large dump truck and 6 small front loaders might cushion an injector pump, a box of cute gray bloated F-18 Super Hornets could be used to secure a HUD for that very platform.

The better designs may never make it to the trash but instead of repurposed as ornaments, throw pillows, etc.

whatrock, Aug 23 2022


       Fluids assume the shape of their container - so a bottle of Coke already resembles the product.
a1, Aug 23 2022

Voice, Aug 24 2022

       // Fluids assume the shape of their container //   

       Actually, the idea is about the packing -- the stuffing inside the container -- not the container itself. Rather than a million white foam peanuts to be tossed into the trash during unpacking these inflated shapes would be creative, hence the inflated colorful body part baggies cushioning medical equipment.
whatrock, Aug 25 2022

       Several years ago I painted unto a batch of those peanuts to make them look like giant peanuts. It was a pain to do and I never extended the idea.
xenzag, Aug 25 2022

       + within reason this is very cute. mismatched mistakes would be pretty funny! or even like “my piano came packed in a bunch of Styrofoam heads that looks like Liberace”!
xandram, Aug 25 2022

       //Several years ago I painted unto a batch of those peanuts to make them look like giant peanuts.//   

       xenzag renders unto that which is peanuts.
Loris, Aug 25 2022


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