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Personal Theme

Enter a room to your personal theme tune!
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A small broatch, for women, a rugged watch for men, able to play a 5 second mp3 that is your theme tune. Enter a room and hit your watch and away you go, dum de de de dum dum dum, you can have an entry and exit song if you so wish!

[Lion King 3 the terrible mauling]

[ sctld ], Nov 04 2000


       I think it would be better if the sound were coming from the room's sound system, with the brooch simply sending it the theme song via some wireless protocol. Not only is the room likely to have better speakers than your watch, but this system would allow the room to, for example, segue from one theme to another when multiple people enter.
baf, Nov 04 2000

       baf, not all rooms have sound systems, and sometimes you might not want anyone to see you slip in. Although, the wirless system would be good to 'download' your theme if you feel like a change.   

       [New from the people who brought you socks, socks that cover your head! we take no responsibility for suffication as a result]
[ sctld ], Nov 04 2000

       I like baf's extension to this idea. The owner of the room would effectively decide whether or not fanfares are in operation, and a setting on your watch (the off button) could allow you to slip in unnoticed.
Lemon, Nov 06 2000

       I think some offices would get very tired of this very quickly. Also, what if someone else picked your favorite theme song as well? There'd have to be a major ass-whuppin' if that happened.   

       PS, baf had the spelling right in this case. It's 'brooch'.
BigThor, Nov 06 2000

       Simply get yourself elected President tomorrow, and you'll hear "Hail to the Chief" every time you enter.
supercat, Nov 06 2000

       I can just imagine one going off during the computer room infiltration scene in the first Mission: Impossible movie.
mrkillboy, Mar 10 2001

       "Send in the clowns."
phoenix, Apr 02 2002


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