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Restaurant Face Funnel

Conversation enhancement
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Wowch, I am in a restaurant and the ambient noise is preventative to any kind of conversation. Solution: restaurant face funnel. Attached to your hoodie sweatshirt this enhancement is a combination sound antenna and sound focuser that makes it possible to have an intimate conversation across a long table in a crowded restaurant. Restaurants would love this because they could pack in more people per square inch. People would love it because not only would they have more successful conversations but also they would look cool just walking down the street with their hoodie face funnel in full display. The face funnel could include separate sound scoops for each ear, or maybe the best would be just a full visor sheet of plastic that radiates out from the lip of the hood.
JesusHChrist, Dec 24 2015

Eariscompettero_20_26_20eariscompat Similar [pocmloc, Dec 25 2015]

Whispering Gallery http://www.msichica...whispering-gallery/
Perhaps your meal could be served here. [Vernon, Dec 25 2015]

Cone of Silence http://www.wouldyoubelieve.com/cone.html
Maxwell Smart's solution. In crowded restaurants which may not be equipped with multiple full-size versions for each table, the portable version also herewith depicted may be more suitable, although there are a few bugs to work out about how to actually eat while engaging in a conversation. [jurist, Dec 25 2015]


       Happy Birthday.
blissmiss, Dec 24 2015

JesusHChrist, Dec 24 2015

       I need a visual.
blissmiss, Dec 25 2015

       Methinks what is required is the "Cone of Silence". (link)
jurist, Dec 25 2015

       Paint these funnels opaque to reduce lipreading.
popbottle, Dec 25 2015


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