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Personal Theme Music

Bluetooth powered iPhone app plays music people have chosen as their theme when they're in close proximity.
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While you're listening to your podcast or music walking down the street with this app on, as somebody else with the same app approaches you, what you're currently listening to fades out and their chosen theme music fades in as they walk by.

Darth Vader walking by would be accompanied by the Imperial March for instance.

I can't think of any other examples, so this would just be for Darth Vader.

doctorremulac3, Jan 27 2020

The Corbomite Manoeuvre http://trekcore.com...iationBabyBalok.mp3
"Danger, Will Shatner ! " [8th of 7, Jan 27 2020]

Family's always embarrassing... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X6QzbvH-ZNo
... but rarely this much. [8th of 7, Jan 27 2020]

Kumbaya https://youtu.be/1jjcxFGEysE
[pertinax, Jan 28 2020]

Fatal Auto Collision Song Fatal_20Auto_20Collision_20Song
[hippo, Jan 28 2020]

I Have Arrived I_20Have_20Arrived
[hippo, Jan 28 2020]

The Theme Machine The_20Theme_20Machine
[hippo, Jan 28 2020]

Clip from Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines https://www.youtube...watch?v=McFj_vq3cwk
An earlier version of this idea. "There is nothing a German officer cannot do!" [DrBob, Feb 07 2020]


       Darth is just fine ... [+]   

       But we prefer <link0>   

       For [MB], we recommend <link1>
8th of 7, Jan 27 2020

       //I can't think of any other examples//
If John Travolta walks past, it plays "Stayin' Alive".
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 27 2020

       //For [MB], we recommend <link1>// No need. I actually have a Marching String Quartet (yes, it's tough on the cellists) follow me around
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 27 2020

       Are we not just re-enacting the running joke on QI, where the punchline always begins "... and Alan goes ..." ?
pertinax, Jan 28 2020

       // //For [MB], we recommend <link1>// No need. I actually have a Marching String Quartet (yes, it's tough on the cellists) follow me around// ...playing "Yakety Sax"
hippo, Jan 28 2020

       Actually, there's a serious flaw with this idea: If you're driving your car and your car collides with another car, your proximity to the other driver will cause their theme music to play over your car's hi-fi. However, it may be more appropriate to play your Fatal Auto Collision Song - how will the contention between these two protocols be resolved?
hippo, Jan 28 2020

       If the vehicle has sustained damage such that the backup FACS system activates (catastrophic loss of main power bus, airbag triggering) then that's what you get; otherwise the entertainment system (presumably linked to your smartphone) belts out your opponent's soundtrack.
8th of 7, Jan 28 2020

       They actually have accident notification on tracking apps that could be used to trigger the famous FACS. Both parties would be able to hear it upon impact. Theoretically.
doctorremulac3, Jan 28 2020

       And how would it interact with the "IHA" protocol (see link). If you arrived somewhere and opened your car door and someone came up and greeted you, would your "IHA" music play, or the other person's "PTM" music? And what if, in the act of arriving and being greeted, you fatally crashed into another car?
hippo, Jan 28 2020

       Here's how it works:   

       You approach others: your song fades into their earbuds.   

       Others approach you: their song fades into your earbuds.   

       Both parties crash into each other: both parties have FACS played in their earbuds along with a pubic cervix massage about it being unsafe to drive with earbuds. Sorry, spellcheck issue. Public.
doctorremulac3, Jan 28 2020

       //pubic cervix massage//
Whether a typo, auto-correct, or on purpose, I support this idea!
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 28 2020

       [+1] for the //pubic cervix massage//   

       Of course my theme song would have to be: Nurse from Derek & Clive.
darque, Feb 06 2020

       Can I update my choice? I'm going for the Pink Panther theme.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 08 2020

       Mancini’s masterpiece. A fine choice.
doctorremulac3, Feb 08 2020


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