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Personal ringer

"For whom the phone rings"
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Mobile-phones are busting out all over with new features such as personalised ringing. Just imagine. You're at the opera and you've had to leave your cellphone in a basket at the door. [It was disposable anyway!]. When you come out, deafened by the fat lady's final high note, you say "Here pussy. Here pussy," to the basket as you pass, and your phone answers with your very own cat's meow you programmed into it. You locate the phone and pass on, thanks to Panasonic or whoever.

Big deal! Meanwhile the humble household phone with several extensions still annoys and irritates. How long do we have to wait, for example, for a personalised ring facility so each of the six in the house knows "for whom the phone rings"? Or have I missed something in my searching?

rayfo, Nov 07 2000

Cell Phone Audio Memory http://www.halfbake...ne_20audio_20memory
Rayfo's idea is another application for this HB idea. [beauxeault, Nov 07 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       Don't know about the opera basket scenario, but my wife and I have identical phones so that we can both drive either car and not have to have two car chargers per car. A feature like this could help us keep the right phone with the right person.
beauxeault, Nov 07 2000

       Here is a communist idea, only one phone company, only one model. Meanwhile the Sim card is in your watch, implanted, pocket. You just grab any phone from the opera basket and go : ).   

       Another idea is that the opera, creates an cupboard full of boxes like the one in the hotels for keys.   

       There is the idea about the remote control locator, it can be copied.   

       Or, go to the nearst surgeon to have a phone implant.
whirlpool, May 03 2001


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