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The plaidtenna #, (\\\, |||) has longer antenna length as well as optimized reception angles at a tilted listening phone mode
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I was trying to think of ways to improve phones,..

think of a phone cover (or interior) that looks plaid, then think of the plaid as overlain # with a z axis gap between them. These could lengthen or optimize the RF antenna at the phone. It could also optimize reception with a wider range of positions like \\\ angled during conversation as well as upright |||

they could see if this extends wifi range as well, which seems more important than audio quality.

beanangel, Sep 26 2016

Wonder-Media_20Bra [xenzag, Sep 27 2016]


       On modern cellphones, a significant portion of the PCB is devoted to a highly-optimized etched antenna. You're not going to do better in a phone cover, especially as a passive reflector. A vehicle mounted external antenna helps a little in fringe areas but if you're truly off the beaten path you're looking at a fixed directional (yagi) antenna or satellite. Point is, cellular antennas and sensitivity are already about as good as possible within practical limits. Coverage has more to do nowadays with business (ROI) and political (NIMBY, NIMPWA (not in my protected wilderness area)) realities than technology.
Spacecoyote, Sep 27 2016

       Goes with the new sporran cellphone carry, I suppose.
wjt, Sep 27 2016

       How about trousers with antennae woven into the fabric, and a connector to the phone? Or an antenna hat?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 27 2016

       Just for you Max - see last link.
xenzag, Sep 27 2016


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