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Phone Silencer

Combine with caller ID for a quieter life.
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If you screen your calls by called ID then if you want to ignor a call you have to put up with the ringing.

My idea is to have a button which will silence the phone for the duration of the other person ringing and then re-enable it when they stop.

dare99, Nov 14 2002


       I had a phone with speed-dial buttons that had integrated caller ID. If a call came in with a Caller ID that matched one of your speed dial buttons, it rang differently. It would be cool to also have a list of numbers for which the phone would never ring.
krelnik, Nov 14 2002

       No difficulty at all, until you forget to turn it back on after and think about it a week later that it's odd that you've received no calls.   

       The point in this is that it comes back on automatically after the nuisance caller has gone.
dare99, Nov 14 2002

       This doesn't make sense. The phone is still going to ring until you figure out whether you want to talk to the caller. How much longer is the phone going to continue ringing before the answering machine gets it?
snarfyguy, Nov 14 2002

       My Motorola V3688 has this. Don't even have to open the phone (it's a flip phone). Just hit one of the three buttons on the side and the ringer shuts up for the duration of that attempted call.   

       When you answer the call or the caller gives up, the ringer reactivates ready for the next call.   

       One of the many reasons why Motorolas are far superior to Nokias.   

       Who needs pubescent ringtones, minute 20x100 graphics, and interchangeable "picture" cases?   

       Give me GUI menus, voicedialling and a tiny handset that fits in my johnny pocket anytime.
Mayfly, Nov 14 2002

       Actually, this would be kind of cool if you had some kind of remote to stop the ringing, like the kind you use to unlock your car doors. That way, you wouldn't even have to get up...   

       [Mayfly]: Nokias do this as well, actually. Not that I'm arguing with you...my Nokia gives me nothing but trouble. Though, it came free with the plan, so I guess I can't complain...
catfish25, Nov 14 2002


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