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Shotgun ATM

An ATM that can be used by the driver or passenger
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Build an ATM with an interface on two sides. Place this ATM between two drive through lanes. Now people can use one lane when the driver wants to use the ATM, and the other lane when the passenger wants to use the ATM.
dbsousa, Dec 25 2004


       What's wrong with driving backwards?
AfroAssault, Dec 26 2004

       Wouldn't two different ATMs on either side of the lane be a better solution? Suppose you're in the car with your cleptomaniac identity thief buddy driving. You don't want him reading your screen for you, or collecting your cash for you, so instead of just the interface, why not put a whole second ATM on the other side?   

       Oh, right, there wouldn't be any halfbaked invention then...
ye_river_xiv, Aug 11 2006


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