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Pet Memorial Maracas

Keep enjoying them forever.
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I have recently lost my lifelong canine 'son' and feel the urgent need to hold him again - making a nuisance of myself in parks etc., asking people if I might give their dog a hug and then crying on it...

It would be nice to still have him around as part of the family, coming down to the pub with us and participating in the singalongs.

So, a new process: Freeze dry deceased pet in natural pose, hollow out and discard or cremate all material except small bones and teeth, cover dry hollow pet in several layers of clear resin (several days of careful drying and sanding between coats) with a small screw plug fixture in some unobtrusive spot. When full laquering process is complete, re-introduce small bones and teeth through the plug hole and then seal.

Best suited for gerbils and ferrets and such, but a big black Alsatian Maraca would be a real BBQ stopper.

ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 13 2005


       Well, I think there should be laws that prohibited Pet Maracas being made with the plug holes under the tail... you never know when a Texan might visit.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 13 2005


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