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Using Municipal Waste Water System as a Civet Cat

Don't Fight the Feelin'
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Forest Gump once famously reminded us that "...Life is like a box of chocolates..." This idea is merely taking advantage of what is going on in municipal waste water systems anyway. Every year, millions of tons of prescription drugs are flushed, as well as a wide assortment of (currently illegal) illicit drugs. And, given the world wide shortage of civet cats, coffee produced from them is quite expensive <link>.

So, why not use what **IS** avalable? Simply add coffee beans to the beginning of the waste stream, then collect them at the end of the waste stream.


Coffee from retirement communities will probably assist you with your cholesterol problem. Coffee from San Francisco will probably get you stoned. Coffee from anywhere in Wyoming will just taste like regular coffee.

Side Note: In the Product Development Lab here at GROGco Enterprises, we went through a surprising number of house cats, barn cats and feral cats before coming to the conclusion that feeding them a steady diet of coffee beans made for lousy coffee and dead cats. We here at GROGco therefore now salute the Civet Cat for its legendary and apparently cast iron constitution.

Grogster, Feb 01 2014

Yum Yum http://www.catsassc...Tq7wCFTCCQgodBV4APg
[Grogster, Feb 01 2014]

Municipal Waste data:image/jpeg;bas...mmnobVCoUKAUKFCg//Z
[bs0u0155, Feb 01 2014]


       This is an excellent idea, with the possible exceptions of the details, the overall concept, and the desirability of the outcome.   

MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 01 2014

       Tell us more about the part where you kill the cats …   

8th of 7, Feb 01 2014

       [+] Put it through Municipal Waste's (link) system.
bs0u0155, Feb 01 2014

       It seemed like a good idea in my bathtub.   

       (...Oh, and [8th], cats don't like eating coffee beans in the bathtub, either - they're all claws and fangs and hissing noises that smell like fresh coffee. We briefly thought a nice relaxing bath might help them with digestion. It WAY doesn't. The upside is that they **DO** float after they stop moving...)
Grogster, Feb 03 2014

       That's one hell of a job description to have on a resume … "2009 - 2011, Civet Turd Hunter and Coffee Bean Recoverer". Guaranteed to stop any job interview dead.*   

       *Unless, that is, the interview is with micro$hit, where experience of sorting through vast piles of turds to locate a few small items of minimal value is a primary requirement.
8th of 7, Feb 03 2014

       A Point of Clarification:   

       //...they **DO** float...//   

       The cats, not the beans.
Grogster, Feb 04 2014

       Clever link, [bs0u0155], never seen one like that before.
pocmloc, Feb 04 2014

       I'm almost convinced that kopi luwak is the result of a very successful marketing campaign which took advantage of an apparent crop disaster caused by vermin. Also, they're really not cats at all.
nineteenthly, Feb 04 2014


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