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Phone Number Cartridge

Dail numbers from your phone book anywhere
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This will be a device that looks like the Motorola Startac PDA. It will have the capability to dail a number when connected to a regular home phone or wirelessly through a cell phone. This device can also be a PDA with a CF attachment that can connect to a cell phone or home phone. It can even be a computer with software that can dail a number on home phone or cell phone.
concept, Jun 08 2003


       Why? Are you unable to dial a phone?
snarfyguy, Jun 08 2003

       I don't get it. We just did a DTMF generator...   

       "...Motorola Startac PDA."
Owning one, I'm under the impression the Motorola StarTac is a cell phone, not a PDA. I could be wrong.

       "...a PDA with a CF attachment that can connect to a cell phone or home phone."
Are you implying the home/cell phone has a CF slot?

       "It can even be a computer with software that can dail a number on home phone or cell phone."
Is a PDA not a computer? How does it dial?
phoenix, Jun 08 2003

       Let me apologize for the confusion I created.   

       Motorola made a Click-On PDA for Startac. It can be attached to a Startac or a Timeport. To dail a phone number, you can just select the number and click on dail. It is a really convenient way to dail phone numbers, especially, since it is an organizer in itself and can be used on a different phone. My Idea was to make such an organizer that works with any cell phone. This device becones yet another office toy like a laptop, PDA etc. Since your phone numbers are already on a PDA, we could avoid an extra device by building an accessory on to a PDA. This accessary can connect to a cell phone or a home phone and can allow you to dail phone numbers directly. Another form of this device could be attached to a PC. This does exactly what a PDA attachment would do with a home phone. Thid device needs both hardware and software that needs to be installed on the PC.   

       Have you ever thought about having a common interfacing port between your PC, Music System, PDA, Cell Phone and other electronic equipment. At least, I did. It just makes life easier, like not having to remember a 200 phone number list and reproducing it.
concept, Jun 09 2003

thumbwax, Jun 09 2003

       I have no idea what my MP3 player would say to my cell phone. Maybe I could get it dial J-Lo's number.   

       Phone+PDA+MP3 Player+Memory card slot = Palm Tungsten W.   

       Only because its a vital part of your post: sp: dial.
Cedar Park, Jun 10 2003

       sp: cartridge.
DrCurry, Jun 10 2003


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