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short-term memory

easy way to redial any recent call
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My current phone has a "redial" button, which redials the last number (which would be more useful if I didn't have to dial an extension to pick up my messages), and can be programmed to store numbers permanently.

What I want is something in between. I keep thinking of this as "I want my phone to run csh," in that what I'd like is the cshell history feature: I want to be able to type, say, "!97" and have it dial the last number I entered that started with 97.

The advantage of this is that it wouldn't require any additional display: I thought of a drop-down menu of the last n numbers (for some small n, say half a dozen), but that would require a much larger display than the two lines I have available. It wouldn't, in fact, require any display, if you trusted your memory.

Redbird, Aug 18 2000


       I think many cell phones let you scroll through a list of recently called numbers to redial.
egnor, Aug 18 2000


       A lot of the Nokia models have had this feature for years. My old Nokia 2160 definitely has a lot of short-term storage, not only for dialed numbers, but also for incoming calls and missed numbers. Redial works with all 3 types of numbers, and is as simple as pressing the Send button after you scroll to the correct number.   

       The 6100 series and up also have this feature, apparently.
BigThor, Aug 31 2000


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