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Phone slam push-thru

Let the others hear your phone slam
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When I hang up politely or I slam with the reciever angrily, the interruption sound on the other end of the wire is supposely the same.

I'd like to have an optional feature on the phone to turn on something like a "fadeout" or "delay'd cut" that wouldn't cut the call immediately but will still transfer the sound of the slam via reciever's microphone to the caller for a second or so and then properly hang up.

Harvester, Feb 08 2005

This one is the type I have at home. http://www.2u.co.uk...phone-old-black.gif
[Harvester, Feb 08 2005]

the idea i mentioned Quiet_20Ca-clicker
in the bit where i said '(see link)' [andrew1, May 05 2005]


       I like this for the simple reason that it's easy to do. Damned if I can remember how, but I'm sure a capacitor, a resistor and a relay or something would do the trick if wired into any desk phone.
wagster, Feb 08 2005

       ...PS: Ususally those old fashioned phones (I have one) sometimes by hitting the stand ring the bells inside for more effect :-)
Harvester, Feb 08 2005

       it's too easy just to bang the receiver against something else a few times before hanging up.   

       or you could yell obscenities as you do it...or have a chipset play your pre- recorded sound files.
changokun, Feb 09 2005

       if the phone were combusting, the accompanying crackling sounds may well be annoying to the listener.
benfrost, Feb 10 2005

       this idea directly contradicts this idea (see link) which says that you can hear the slam and is trying to get rid of it.
andrew1, May 05 2005


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