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PCC (Post Caller Comment)

A device that allows you to secretly hear what someone says after they hang up the phone.
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People tend to make some sort of derrogatory comment or they might make an insulting statement after being on the phone with someone. They will continue to act nice and pleasant until they hang up.

For example, you might observe someone talking on the phone where they will say, "Oh thats GREAT! Wonderful! Yes! Let's do lunch" only to be followed by a statement like, "That asshole!" the moment they hang up. Or if they tell a lie to someone on the phone and then as they hang up they say, "HA! That sucker!"

The PCC, which stands for "Post Caller Comment" is a device that will allow you to hear what the person on the end says for the next 20 seconds following the end of the call. This could be the predecessor to another device that works in conjunction with the PCC. Its is a PRE Caller Comment device.. say if you call someone and they recognize your number but they really dont want to talk to you, you can hear what they are saying before they answer the phone. As soon as the phone starts ringing you can hear them say, "I'm not going to answer that!" or you can hear them say, "Oh no, not THIS asshole again!"

Jscotty, Sep 02 2005


       what a wonderful idea!   


       (I love this +) bit of a wibni though   

       have you finished?   


       hang up damn it.   

       f**k you!
po, Sep 02 2005


       Damn newbies   

       Oh f**k   

DenholmRicshaw, Sep 02 2005

       Excellent idea! Really funny and creative. +   


       (god forbid I should vote against one of his precious, virgin ideas lest he complain we're too hostile here -- huh, what's that staticky sound? Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?)
phundug, Sep 02 2005


       M^T&!R F*C%$#NG S*N OF A B*%&H !!!   

       But it could go both ways I suppose... either you build up to a hulk like rage during the 20 seconds or you calm yourself down:   

       "What a nice fellow, I wonder when he will call next"
ixnaum, Sep 03 2005

       You can get a device which, when connected inside the other person's phone, will keep it connected until you hang up - so that you can make a short call to them, then after they hang up use the phone as a bug in the room - but the device has to be placed inside the phone, and costs lots of money.
dbmag9, Nov 02 2005

       I can think of a simple but imperfect way to do both the pre and post call functions without resorting to magic or eavesdropping devices.   

       For the post call you record the sound of the phone being hung up from the calling end--what the caller hears if the callee hangs up on them--the sound of a click and then, after a few moments a tone. When you conclude your call you mute your microphone and play this sequence to the caller. They think you've left the line but you haven't and you can at least hear what they say before they hang up. This may be quite sufficient.   

       For the pre-call, you record the sound of your phone ringing, again from the callers end, and then when you answer the phone, your mic is muted and you replace the real ringing with your recorded ringing and listen to the caller while the ringing continues. Probably saying something like, "Pick up you little bitch."   

       You'd only get a few seconds with either method.
bristolz, Nov 02 2005


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