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Phone unlock screen to learn language

An unlock screen for android or iphone that helps you learn a new language
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Say you want to learn chinese. When you pull out your phone, instead of the same old boring lock screen, there is a word or character, and multiple possible meanings. You drag the word to the correct meaning, you unlock the screen. There's also a "give up" option if you just want to unlock the phone.

The program keeps track of which words you have mastered, and every so often a new lock screen comes up with a word you haven't learned yet. It simply shows you the meaning, and the only option is "ok", to acknowledge you have read it. This word will now be one of the possible random words that will appear.

If the phone is ringing and you want to unlock the screen right away, those options are of course also available.

RespeckKnuckles, Feb 12 2013


       How many calls would take to learn german ?
piluso, Feb 12 2013

       I would try this.
pocmloc, Feb 12 2013

       love it
Voice, Feb 12 2013

       First post since account activation in 11/2010 - such restraint. Welcome to the Halfbakery.
normzone, Feb 12 2013

       [21Q], have you heard of a condition with AT&T 4G LTE phones not picking up calls? Wife's Galaxy rarely bothers to answer and simply sends me to voicemail after 4 rings. Replacement phone (same model) and replacement sim card did not help at all. AT&T finally called and said it was a problem with all of their LTE phones?
RayfordSteele, Feb 12 2013


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