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Physical Mute Button Installation Service

all cell phones need this...
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A kiosk at the mall where your cell-phone can be retro-fitted with a physical 'mute' switch while you shop.

Two advantages: 1) Stops your cell phone from being used for eavesdropping by the gov't or accidental dials

2) Makes conference calls easier (no fiddling with stupid cell phone menus to mute)

Customers will have their choice of 'transparent' buttons where they can SEE the microphone wires disconnect

cowtamer, Feb 09 2007

easedropping video http://www.i-am-bor...k.cfm?link_id=21664
Great idea, watch this video if you haven't heard [trebort, Mar 13 2007]


       //being used for eavesdropping by the gov't // Yeah, I hate it when that happens.
pertinax, Feb 09 2007

       We know.
imaginality, Feb 09 2007


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