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When beer threatens your mobile.
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Many people put their mobile phone on the bar next to their beer. This is a potentially dangerous situation.

So I propose a phonemat to keep it safe.

In the Netherlands we use beermats that are a circular piece of cartboard that can suck up a surprising amount of liquid. They have the brand of some beer printed on them. The phonemat would be about the same size but rectangular. They could have lots of fun things printed on them that I'll leave to your abundant imagination.

zeno, Jun 01 2007

square coasters are available http://www.absorben...Lu4wCFRKOgQodmXOMWA
[xandram, Jun 01 2007]

and so are rectangular ones http://www.samuelad.../store/drinkit.html
[xandram, Jun 04 2007]


       It's not beer that threatens the phone but vica versa.   

       Like a dog on a leash, never let that phone out of your sight! if the wife / g.f. / significant other can't find you at a moment's notice there will be hell to pay.   

       Add a signal canceling feature to the phonemat, a device that emits a field that renders the phone unable to make or receive calls and then you will be able to drink in peace. [-]
nuclear hobo, Jun 01 2007

       Blast, another fishbone.
zeno, Jun 01 2007

       and another, sigh.
zeno, Jun 01 2007

       It's not that it's a bad idea...it's that...   

       you could just use a coaster.   

       daft and virtually useless, ie perfect Bakery material [+}
xenzag, Jun 01 2007

       I assume that bun is for the coaster.
nuclear hobo, Jun 01 2007

       No, the bun is the wrong shape for the coaster; here, you need this crescent-shaped coaster [+] to rest your buns on; otherwise they'll start soaking up those spilled phone calls from your wife.
pertinax, Jun 01 2007

       Now I'm so confused. Isn't a circular, square or rectangular piece of (sp) carDboard in fact a type of coaster anyway?
xandram, Jun 01 2007

       Maybe it's a cardboard bar roller coaster, whenever the infra red beer glass comes close to your coastered mobile phone, it shifts it's position and shuffles along the bar away from you.
skinflaps, Jun 01 2007

       Yep a coaster it is (disposable coaster, single serving coaster), rectangular for your phone. thanks I had forgotten that name, coaster.
zeno, Jun 02 2007

       Hey, I went to a pub today and they had rectangular (Sam Adams) coasters and I thought of you!
xandram, Jun 04 2007

       That's great [Xandram]!
zeno, Jun 05 2007

       In this technologically-savvy age, I guess we could always use another gadget that seems important at the moment. Very clever...
janbest, Jun 06 2007

       //Many people put their mobile phone on the bar next to their beer. This is a potentially dangerous situation. //
Especially if you pick up the wrong one when the phone rings...
Ling, Jun 06 2007

       I hate it when I answer my beer.   


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