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Remote Cell Phone

Decent reception and battery life using Bluetooth
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A bluetooth phone that is big enough to have excellent reception and exceptional battery-life. In order to make today's phone small enough to fit in your pocket, you usually sacrafice battery life and/or reception/transmit strength.

This cell phone is about the same size as current cell phones but does not include a speaker, keypad, or display. Instead, this phone depends on a bluetooth remote. (Sony makes a nice one, complete with remote display.) The space taken by these components would be used to increase battery life and signal strength.

cchaney, Aug 29 2004


       Surely, the use of the bluetooth remote would deplete the battery much faster than a speaker and microphone. Plus, without a keypad or display, how are you meant to program in the numbers to voice dial?
reap, Aug 29 2004

       Actually, the concept of having no speaker, display, keypad, etc... on the main phone is to make room for a larger battery and hardware to improve reception and transmission strength. That's why the base unit would be at least as large as current phones (maybe even as large as some of the slightly bigger ones like the Treo but I would think that wouldn't be necessary). Voice dialing on most newer phones allow you to speak the numbers ("Dial Four, Eight, Nine...") so I see no need for a keypad.   

       Done right, the phone that everyone else sees could be no bigger than a Bluetooth headset or a pen that sits in your shirt pocket.   

       Obviously, you wouldn't use such a phone to surf the web or take pictures. But that's not what I use a cell phone for anyway. I have a wireless laptop for that.
cchaney, Aug 30 2004


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