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RJ11 Mobile

As the name says - A cell phone with an rj-11 Jack in it
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A little project i'd like to one day make (somehow... probably never)

Basically a linesman phone/ beige box in your ordinary cell phone.

(because i'm too tight to buy credit)

It would make beige boxing a whole lot easier so you don't have to carry around a cell phone AND a home phone, and it looks a lot less weird carrying around a house phone

It could just have a little switch on the side you hit and one would be landline and one would be cell and you can just plug you phone in and ring someone from your contacts list.

Dunno how this could be made though.

Someone does.

bbglas007, Jan 10 2010

Sorry, i already did this. _27Phone_20jack_20p...20portable_20blower
Mobile/landline 'phone. [nineteenthly, Jan 10 2010]


       The technology exists for commercial applications that require a POTS landline in remote areas where only cellular service is available. I'm sure that it could be implemented on a cell phone.
Jscotty, Jan 12 2010


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