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Photoplethysmographic ring

Continuous visual display of heart rate
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Simply a finger ring with built-in photoplethysmographic measurement display capability.

Like a mood ring, but with either numeric, scalar (thermometer-like) or color display of heart rate.

The basic technology has been available since the early 1970s [link.] I built a version of the referenced device when I was about 14.

Possible applications: Medical, entertainment, romance, psychotherapy, ...

[Other non-invasive physiological measurements encorporated by reference: pulmonary function, blood pressure, sexual arousal, perspiration, et al.]

csea, May 22 2011

Popular Electronics project http://dischercreat...ts/articles/ppg.pdf
Easily constructed photoplethysmographic sensor [csea, May 22 2011]

More "photo" than "plethysmo" http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Pulse_oximetry
[mouseposture, May 22 2011]

Advanced Mood Ring
[xaviergisz, May 24 2011]

Pulse Ring
[xaviergisz, May 24 2011]

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       Why plethysmography? <link>
mouseposture, May 22 2011

       Looks like this is pretty similar to [links]. Will delete eventually unless I decide not to <consults ring.>
csea, May 24 2011


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