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Nike Line

An indoor Plimsoll Line
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A Plimsoll line shows how deep in the water a ship is floating.

The Nike Line shows how deep in clutter your house is.

The Line consists of a long, thin self-adhesive backed transfer which is applied to any room of a dwelling, but most usually a bedroom, vertically on a wall at a fixed height above the floor.

The vertical Line is marked at various intervals by short horizontal bars, each labelled with up to three letters. The meaning of the letters is explained in the accompanying leaflet, from N=Normal, B=Bad, A=Appaling, US=Unbelievably squalid, T=Teenager, AND O=Oh shit.

When you can no longer see the OS mark, it's time to move house.

8th of 7, Jul 16 2012

Could be shaped like this http://www.theoi.com/Gallery/S29.2.html
[pocmloc, Jul 20 2012]


       This sounds incredibly useful.   

       For some time, I have been employing an alternative method that involves a fleet of variously-sized dogs and a small Central American boy named Pablo who has been trained to count ears, divide by two, and record his findings on an x-y graph.   

       The Nike Line is an obvious solution for those without ready access to copious amounts of kibble and marginally intelligent brown-skinned children. [+]
Alterother, Jul 16 2012

       + I've gone minimal
xenzag, Jul 16 2012

       (Struggles to see the connection with victory or the Greek god thereof; is mildly irritated that a theology- and brand-neutral shoe (Loafer Line?) was not chosen.)
spidermother, Jul 20 2012

       Sadly, none could be found amidst the clutter.
Alterother, Jul 20 2012

       It is an epic victory when you have cleared enough to see the next mark down?
pocmloc, Jul 20 2012

       "OS" mark should be followed by "you stupid hoarder you", for when the piles get as huge as those of those strange hoarders, on the hoarder shows on TV.
blissmiss, Jul 20 2012

       Or in Tolkienish way: Start at Hobbiton, then Bree, Weathertop, Rivendell, And finally Cracks of Doom.   

       "Hello, Cracks of Doom Reality, Jesse Waldorf speaking, how can we help you?"
popbottle, Jul 19 2016


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