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one man pantomime cow

why pay two performers when one will do?
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one man in a traditional pantomime cow costume using his own legs to work the front legs has both hands free to manipulate levers linked to the cow’s mechanical backlegs.

the other guy can make the coffee or sell tickets or something…

po, Jun 29 2007

should he wear one of these? http://www.simplybo...ts/cowmensthong.php
[xandram, Jun 29 2007]

(?) The amazing Christopher http://video.google...e=search&plindex=15
This guy has you beat. He's an entire dance troupe. [Klaatu, Jun 29 2007]

Pantomime http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantomime
It mentions the horses and cows in the list of conventions. [pertinax, Jul 02 2007]


       ..and when the panto's over the person climbs out two pounds in weight lighter.
skinflaps, Jun 29 2007

       Your'e really odd, po. You know that right??? In a good sort of odd way.
blissmiss, Jun 29 2007

       Yikes, my ? went gone.
blissmiss, Jun 29 2007

       Why pay two mimes?
Why pay one?

       I'm hesitant to approach the ticket window... [+]
lurch, Jun 29 2007

       I'm in favour of this, yes, having been, at least once in the past, the back end of a panto horse (though not professionally, I should add). It damn near broke my back, all that bending over at the waist all day. I wasn't allowed to be the front. My co-cow-er was five foor tall and keen to avoid giraffe-age, which would, I was told, have made us look ridiculous.
calum, Jun 29 2007

       [calum] I have to confess - the thought of you as the backend of a panto horse excites me enormously...
po, Jun 29 2007

       Good lord.
skinflaps, Jun 29 2007

       amen. what?
po, Jun 29 2007

       Apologies, I was glancing up top and noticed //Yikes, my ?//   

       ..and [Klaatu's] link.
skinflaps, Jun 29 2007

       Don't have a cow man. [+]
imaginality, Jun 29 2007

       But who'll controls the facial expressions?
Dub, Jun 30 2007

       At this point I think it's [po].
normzone, Jun 30 2007

       Wouldn't a pantomime penguin solve the whole problem more simply?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 30 2007

       1.Perhaps Maxi...however penquins do not typically prefer the posterior position, or so I've been told.   

       2.Geesh lurch, get a booth...(+)   

       3. po, what's a panto horse? I know of pinto horses and pinto beans, they sometimes involve a butt ;-)
(the beans that is.)

       4. Flapper, the ? keeps going from line one to line two depending on the alignment of the current comment, I guess. Sometimes it's ???
and at other times it's ??
blissmiss, Jul 01 2007

       See link, [blissmiss].
pertinax, Jul 02 2007

       Okay, now I know what a "pantomine" is.   

       However, isn't a panto horse simply a bigger pony in your pants?   

       And wouldn't it be the same as calling [calum] a horse"s ass? If so, wherein lies the difference between that and a "rat's ass?   

       Oh btw po, I bunned this, and was not part of those *horse's patoots*, who boned this funny idea!
blissmiss, Jul 02 2007

       //[calum] I have to confess - the thought of you as the backend of a panto horse excites me enormously...//
There is, in my junk-crammed bedside cabinet drawer, a disposable camera featuring what I hope will be full colour shots of me in horse's arse garb, cavorting about at the fancy dress party that necessitated the outfit. One day, when my life is no longer one of penury, I will get the pictures developed and then, when I have them, I will forward them onto you, po. Can't say it'll be soon, though.
calum, Jul 02 2007

       //full colour shots of me in horse's arse garb//   

       Sounds like an idea for a bachelor party...
Jinbish, Jul 02 2007

       I'll send a cheque, dear [calum]   

       pin the tail on the panto halfbaker seems a great game.
po, Jul 04 2007

       <bart simpson>Don't have a man, cow!</bs> (No, that's not addressed to anyone in particular, it just came to me).
pertinax, Jul 05 2007

       The bloke at the back of the cow can still perform that task. Might not look very suave being oferred a cup of coffee and a strip of paper from that end
Ah Supp, Oct 08 2011

       Many panto-horse acts are getting on in years. When one member of the duo passes away, what's the other to do? A change in the act doesn't come easily to aging music-hall comedians. [po] -- as ever, kind, creative, and, um, ... strange -- has the solution.
mouseposture, Oct 08 2011


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