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Picasso FoodFight Recipes!

Virtual FoodFights have never been so delicious!
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A game on portable mobile devices (e.g. PDAs, cell phones)

o The mobile device ideally should have an accelerometer, orientation sensor, and optionally: bluetooth, GPS, and temperature detector.

o You shake the mobile device, rotate, spin, toss up/down...anything and the action you do affects the recipe pot mix in real-time that you see on-screen of your mobile device (physics very noticeable)

o The goal is to create a work of art (as a pic) that is made from your creativity of the mess you use (food, material objects, etc) and getting points on that

o The results are visibly seen on-screen of the mobile device sloshing, splattering, mixing, crunching .. all in real-time using physics and a 3D-engine in full-color and sound.

o Besides virtual food ingredients like ragu sauce, choclate, syrup, etc it provides all kinds of virtual object materials such as clay, glue, water, sand, oil -- these ingredients take on their real-world physics properties of motion and mixing abilities

o Colors of your creation can even range into the pastels and even glow if the mobile device starts to determine your concoction you're putting together is very bizarre and exotic.

o Your recipes can ultimately dry out (based on the time sitting around on the mobile device not getting any attention) or bake (if your mobile device has a temperature gauge onto the real world)

o Submit your creations via the mobile device to the support website for showcasing it to others to rate and study your "artwork" (as a picture snapshot)

o Beside the submitted picture the website automatically generates a recipe list on how this food monstrosity of a cuisine was made e.g. "Number of Chefs", "Add 1 part Spaghetti Sauce", "Add 1 part LOVE" (meaning this person got points for loving his abomination creation)

o Other recipe comments include: "26 days of Fermentation" (he held on playing with creation for that long sitting around)

o You can play baseball with your creation with other friends nearby with bluetooth/wifi using accelerometer, etc...keep hitting it back/forth with each other to add more "spice" to this baby

o You hear the mobile trigger points being accumulated as you do your creation. The more creative you get the more excited the sound is and the more points you get added.

o You can let your other friends carry the creation for days (it is always shareable) -- this counts as a new chef in your final recipe

o The longer you hold onto your creation the more points you loose...so you must keep working on it to accumulate more points to offset this (entices you to keep being active on it -- a chefs job is never done).

o Part of an added ingredient could be "growing fungus/moldy" into your creation -- you can win extra points this way (if the present rules are in favor of that kind of thing at the time)

o When you submit your creation picture your accumulated points are locked and you get put onto the support website rank list with your pic, and its ingredients (which include system-generated mocking exaggerations), chef name(s) who took part in its creation, and the total points you accumulated

o The points are awarded by the mobile device as you do weird and wacky things with your creations such as adding more exotic ingredients and playing with them through physical activities such as motion onto the mobile device, etc.

o The point rule system is defined by the community of the website which is shuffled all the time so as to keep the game unique each time...this gives the motivation for everyone to keep trying to top the list based on the new rules of the month (e.g. moldy day-olds may be tops this month but next month it isn't)

o The community can create new food/material content to share with everyone to add to their creations (upload object/texture and defining the rules of how it should act in the virtual world e.g. how hard is it, if it burns, if it gets moldy)

quantass, Apr 05 2008




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