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Plays for playthings

Have software that speaks playlike plot action suggestions aloud, then have children improvise dialog and actions for dolls
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A child has some dolls to play with. They make up actions and dialog with their friends surrounding the dolls and have fun.

Improve this! Have a software thing like an echo dot know which toys are in use and then have it say plot developments like "Marge drops Lisa off at the ballet studio instead of soccer by accident" or "the bird takes off Bart's hat" and then the kids voluntarily improvise dialog and toy motions from the suggestions.

The idea is that the children bring more kinds of new things to their play. There is even room for adults to load the plot movements with flagrantly prosocial things like "Lisa goes to the library and gets a book. She finds a movie ticket inside!" "Barbie [uses the play garage] to get her oil changed, but she says its too much and does it herself", or "Bart shows the doctor a picture he drew when he gets a vaccine".

They could measure the children's happiness while they develop the software. I do not know if one suggestion every three minutes or once a minute (a tighter play) would cause greater enjoyment. Cameras and audio on the test children could figure out what they like.

It could actually be measured and adjusted to increase creativity, with the number of novel words or divergent ideas the child generates measured. This way it is a toy enhancement that actually increases and practices creativity.

beanangel, Jan 13 2019


       "Jules Winnfield lifts the lid of the briefcase ..."   

       "Ed Gentry is told to 'Squeal like a pig !' ..."   

       "The xenomorph bursts out of Kane's chest, spraying blood and viscera ..."
8th of 7, Jan 13 2019

       This seems like you've discovered an underdeveloped market at the moment with some really serious potential. As a parent, I'm not sure how I feel about the whole 'Alexa, play with my kid' aspect, but in truth my kids get too much iPad time doing nothing but looking at stupid toy videos, so go for it.   

       If I were you, I'd write to Bezos and company with a proposal.
RayfordSteele, Jan 13 2019

       I'll write the software for a 50% cut
Voice, Jan 13 2019

       If you cut 50% off a child, it doesn't work very well afterwards.   

       On the other hand, you might get a good price for some of the internal organs, for transplantation.
8th of 7, Jan 13 2019


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