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Pickup Truck-Bed Fountain

A mobile delight for parking lots and bumper-to-bumper traffic
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complete with wind velocity sensor to manage the height so you don't lose too much water, and mood spotlighting for impromptu midnight driveway parties.

On the practical side, the a/c is hooked up to it, and it makes having to remember where you parked pretty much a non-sequitur.

FlyingToaster, Jul 05 2010

Pickup Truck Fountain http://www.pickuptr...ota/tac_photo1.html
[jurist, Jul 05 2010]

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       "non-sequitur"? I don't understand your use of the phrase in this context. For that matter, I'm not sure I'm even picturing the concept you intended. Does the fountain exist in the bed of the pickup truck? Does the condensate from the truck's air conditioning system replenish the water in the fountain? Or does the water reservoir in the fountain merely act as a radiator for the truck engine's coolant system? What makes the fountain operate when the truck is parked and the engine generator is off (so that it is easily found in parking lots)?
jurist, Jul 05 2010

       [jurist] I think looking for the truck with the fountain would pretty well mitigate having to remember where in the lot it is. As per operational minutiae, feel free to imagine anything that makes sense or, as in the case of "where's the fountain", is blindingly obvious. [edit] changed the Title to cater to the vehicularly-challenged.   

       cute link: I almost deleted the idea until I looked at it closely. I like the idea of a more complex pattern rather than just a geyser though.
FlyingToaster, Jul 05 2010


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