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sea of stories

Intertwingled story server
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Formerly called intertwingle story..

Gather random data from the web, possibly a web search with a common word. If it's images, select random images. It it's videos, select random videos. Select random paragraphs from web pages. Create a story. Make it interactive, sort of like a queue of paragraphs, a queue of photographs and a queue of videos. Make it so, one can pick and choose segments from the queue, and add to a flowing story line. The segments are not to be editable. They can only be moved around or shortened. An input box for text that goes into a different queue, a queue for search words. These words are used to keep the storyline going. Later, feeds can be added such that it's not just the web that the data is coming from. Possibly tap into radio feeds/podcasts and recognize certain words using voice recognition. This could be looked at as sort of an expansion of webcollage by jwz, and the idea of intertwingularity.

lapax, Jul 05 2005

interwingle http://www.mozilla....5/intertwingle.html
an intertwingle spec [lapax, Jul 20 2005]

webcollage http://www.jwz.org/webcollage/
jwz's webcollage [lapax, Jul 20 2005]

Haroun and The Sea of Stories http://www.rambles....rushdie_haroun.html
The sea of stories in the book kind of matches with the idea. [Zimmy, Jul 20 2005]


       hello Lapax. not sure what to make of this but it seems a nice start to your halfbakery activities.
po, Jul 06 2005

       The Sea of Stories?
Zimmy, Jul 06 2005

       I like that title better.. maybe i'll change it.
lapax, Jul 20 2005

       this is great.
benfrost, Jul 21 2005


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