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Picture Story Postcard

A Picture that tells a story or changes scenery with passing time
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The picture works like a reality-based show. This picture is just like your ordinary screensaver but as with each passing day, it will tell a story such as the lady will start to age or the tree will change its leaves etc.

In addition, it can be sent out as a postcard with music, voice mail of the sender with all the best wishes.

likeaprayer999, Jul 03 2002

The Mezzotint http://www.encompas.../ctyson/meztint.htm
Famous ghost story about a picture that changes, telling a story. [8th of 7, Jul 03 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       like the Picture of Dorian Gray?
po, Jul 03 2002

       Sort of like a window, telling the story of the seasons. Or a wall, telling the story of my not dusting <g>.   

       I like the image of a picture that you wouldn't notice changing unless you looked at it every day for a while. It might encourage people to stop and look at pictures for a time, rather than rushing past. How do you envision this working?
Matty, Jul 03 2002

       lcd screen?
chud, Jul 03 2002

       Isn't this called closed-circuit television?
DrCurry, Jul 03 2002

       Don't go on vacation. You'll miss the best part.
phoenix, Jul 03 2002

       <off topic> How about a picture rigged with motion detectors so that the eyes really do watch you? </off topic>
polartomato, Jul 04 2002

       Post it.
phoenix, Jul 04 2002

       Just buy a mirror.
hippo, Jul 04 2002


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