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Pierogi Puncher

Slices pierogis one-at-a-time
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Pierogis are awkward to slice with a knife and fork. This is especially true when cutting them into small pieces for children. Delightful potato filling often spills onto one's plate. To prevent this, use the Pierogi Puncher.

Place the pierogie puncher over a pierogi or potsticker. Press down to perferate the pierogi. To produce a practical number of pieces, I envision two models: one which creates two cuts for four pieces, and another which creates three cuts for six pieces.

ed, Feb 24 2011


       Shirley Pierogi are nothing more than Cornish Pasties which have been miniaturized to be one-bite-big? And an even smaller version (ravioli) exist already?   

       Still, [+] because I'm hungry.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2011

       You’ll be arrested if you mention the C word!
pocmloc, Feb 24 2011

       I don't think canneloni counts.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2011

       Who cuts perogies? I eat them whole or two at a time.   

       Especially the pizza kind, which Cheemo seems to have discontinued. :(
Alx_xlA, Feb 25 2011


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