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Orthogonal tongs

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Tongs with ends that move at right angles to the handles. I'm not quite sure how they would be built. I think there would be two pairs of connected tongs. One pair for handles and the other pair (at right angles) for grippers. The action of the handles would be transferred to the grippers with some mechanism such as a rack and pinion.

Might not be particularly useful. You could show off to your friends at a BBQ.

amicus curious, Oct 17 2009

illustration http://imgur.com/a/GQkWA
[xaviergisz, Oct 21 2009, last modified Dec 13 2011]

Grass Trimmer http://www.amazon.c...=1274451130&sr=1-20
Something like this, but with tongs rather than blades? [MechE, May 21 2010]


       Couldn't you simply make the tongs "L"-shaped?   

       With the hinge at the end of the longer length and the grippers at the end of the shorter length?
Aristotle, Oct 17 2009

       Two tongs don't make a right (angle)...
csea, Oct 17 2009

       I think Aristotle has misunderstood in which direction the tongs are orthogonal. The tongs are straight and not L-shaped. If the tongs were flat on the ground and the handles pushed in and out from the sides the grippers would move up and down.
amicus curious, Oct 17 2009

       This would be great for the barbeque if there was a thumb operated spring catch to swivel the hot end 180°. Flipping stylish!
pocmloc, Oct 17 2009

       There are surgical instruments (forceps) that work like this, but they are small and somewhat specialized.   

       Intriguing idea. [+]
8th of 7, Oct 17 2009

       It's just the same [UB], but more manly. Surgery is for wimps.
pocmloc, Oct 18 2009

       I've illustrated my attempt at designing this. It uses an arc-shaped rack attached to each pair of tongs with a pinion extending between the racks and transferring the force from one to the other.
xaviergisz, Oct 21 2009

       No, most commercial ones have a simple bell-crank type arrangement. But this is very cool, [xaviergisz]
pocmloc, Oct 21 2009

       The illustration link above seems to link to some kind of spam site.
LoriZ, May 18 2010

       I've updated the illustration link. The free image hosting site that I was previously using must have turned into a spam site.
xaviergisz, May 20 2010

       Would be good for chop-sticks too.   

       el dueno
el dueno, May 21 2010


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