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Perfect Toaster

Toasts whatever you insert perfectly evenly.
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My toaster would have an extremely strong Infra-red emitter (infra-red laser?) connected to a Micromirror chip and lens. Infrared energy would bounce of the chip and after passing through a lens to scale the "image", strike the object to be toasted. A microcamera would watch the toast and adjust the mirrors so areas growing darker would receive less energy (and the inverse). Every toast would come out perfectly even. A slider on the outside of the toaster would match a gradiated color bar. You set the slider to the desired darkness, and a perfect match in toast comes out.

A similar setup could be done with a grid of infrared emitters if the Micromirror chip could not tolerate the heat of the environment. Maybe fiberoptics if that was too expensive.

trekbody, Sep 28 2005


       so you couldn't imprint "mummy loves you" with a spoon - shame on you!
po, Sep 28 2005

       No, but maybe you could add computer control to print an object / design / religious icon, etc. Appreciate the gridgriddle link, but mine's a toaster, I like toasters.
trekbody, Sep 29 2005

       This would take all the fun out of making toast. There's nothing so boring as perfection. Still, you would probably make a fortune if you built it.
kaeru, Sep 29 2005

       i assume the only thing u want to toast is bread ? is it ? if so, why don't u use a pre-toasting press-machine to shape _t h e___b r e a d_ in order to perfectly fit the classic toast system ? not to mention that electronic measurements are simply _ w r o n g _ when the system performing the measurement is placed in a wide - temperature - variation - environment, that is, of course, if u leave aside the possibility that u've got NASA - the - technology - god to design it..
sweet, Sep 30 2005

       Might want to toast some other goodies like Toaster Strudels and the like, so I don't want to reform the toast. I like the halogen idea - wonder if you could concentrate and reflect the energy with a lens/micromirror.   

       OR - you have a standard toaster but instead of the metal cage, you have a sheet of liquid crystal between the toastable and the heating elements. A camera watches the toasting item and masks the area if it is getting too dark in certain spots. Then you could even "Toast" the designs onto the substrate - Jesus Grilled Cheese anyone?
trekbody, Oct 03 2005


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