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Pill causes vegetarianism

change the taste receptors on the tongue with pill or spray to create vegetarian taste preferences: The bikini pill that makes food that is good for people actually taste good has wide prescribability
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I'm writing on ways to cease nonhuman mammal research

One research area that may be a sweet spot is human research on a pill or treatment that causes vegetarianism, I believe I've read that if all cardiovascular disease were cured human lifespan would go up about a third more than if everybody were vegetarian. Thus if you think on it, a medical treatment that causes vegetarianism provides vast physiological benefit providing the human lab mammal benefit as great as tens of millions of lab animal deaths each decade

Among humans the physiology of taste receptors is fairly well characterized, targeting a neutralization chemical to the sulfur bearing amino acid receptors while amplifying the sweet receptors makes meat flavorless while making vegetables taste sugary; further the bitter flavor receptors could be partially minimized giving leafy vegetables less bitterness. As a kind of bonus the taste receptors of the tongue renew about twice monthly, thus a mouth spray or pill is essentially a renewed option To cease participation, just cease booster sprays. The prescribability of this taste receptor modification is vast: those at medical risk of cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes or even cosmetic weight preference The bikini pill that makes food that is good for people taste good has wide prescribability

emphasizing the technology you could use lasers or vibrocatalysts to change molecules attached to certain taste receptors; highly specific fluorophores as well as photodynamic compounds are published, There is even a journal of photoactive medicinal chemistry

Just recently I've read about sound activated catalysis at C EN thus you could also pop an ultrasound piezo pill at your mouth with a test flavored taste receptor modifying compound; when the compound was at peak deliciousness you just click to keep that taste preference modality. I describe such a peculiar thing as there may be many physiological variations on taste sensation thus a I know it tastes good when it tastes good protocol could be of value

centrophenoxine on the tongue causes everything to taste sweet, the reader may have noticed a similar but milder effect from the ten minute aftereffects of dissolving an ibuprofen tablet on the tongue

remember a vegetarian diet reduces all of the most common causes of developed world disease

beanangel, Apr 17 2009

a very similar idea, the difference appears to be valuing vegetarianism plus a few actual technology paths The_20Detasting_20Pill
[beanangel, Apr 17 2009]

New Scientist beyond animal research competition http://www.newscien...ay-competition.html
[beanangel, Apr 17 2009]

Vegetarians live longer a meta analysis http://www.ncbi.nlm...nel.Pubmed_RVDocSum
RESULTS: Our review of the 6 studies found the following trends: 1) a very low meat intake was associated with a significant decrease in risk of death in 4 studies, a nonsignificant decrease in risk of death in the fifth study, and virtually no association in the sixth study; 2) 2 of the studies in which a low meat intake significantly decreased mortality risk also indicated that a longer duration (>/= 2 decades) of adherence to this diet contributed to a significant decrease in mortality risk and a significant 3.6-y (95% CI: 1.4, 5.8 y) increase in life expectancy; and 3) the protective effect of a very low meat intake seems to attenuate after the ninth decade. Some of the variation in the survival advantage in vegetarians may have been due to marked differences between studies in adjustment for confounders, the definition of vegetarian [beanangel, Apr 17 2009]

This idea as a youtube video http://www.youtube....watch?v=rZUl3hn5XvQ
beautiful girl, bizarre whispering, vegetarian content [beanangel, Apr 20 2009]

Food Defect Action Levels https://en.wikipedi...efect_Action_Levels
How many insects Americans are allowed to eat without knowing. [nineteenthly, Oct 27 2015]

Cochineal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cochineal
There may be more insects in your diet than you realise. [DrBob, Oct 27 2015]

Free Range ants, farmed as a beef substitute. https://images.duck...them-1954-4.jpg&f=1
Customers get to walk around the farm & pick their own ant which, if they are unable to overcome it themselves, is humanely slaughtered from the air by a B-25. [DrBob, Oct 27 2015]


       //I'm writing on ways to cease nonhuman mammal research// Sp.: medical research.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 17 2009

       I'm thinking that the skinny body image thing might get people to try this procedure   

       I read there was some Asian area where a tenth the people had cosmetic surgery I know that sounds unbelievable yet thats what I think I read Maybe it was Macau   

       Cosmopolitan is full of skinny pill advertisements Being a vegetarian just happens to beneficial
beanangel, Apr 17 2009

       [mb] the current version says basic research is of high priority there are those that it would say it is of highest priority. Applied research such as medical research has detectable utility Basic research is perhaps preutility or even just from an urge to know things like the spectra of cosmic objects or the connection between things like sunlight n sneezing ... is to be given research validity as if the questions were to be researched with nonhumans   

       another part of the current version says A tenth part of any country's military budget is likely to attract a sufficient quantity of authentic human volunteers to scientific experimentation.   

       Few people realize that a million human volunteers each getting 4 million dollars to be lab mammals is the equivalent value of the Gulf War expenditure, these brave, honest, polygraphed, aware volunteers could also receive first opportunity to benefit from any scientic medical advances along with their millions. There is the ethically appealing possibility that any person on medical disability could have the opportunity to be paid volunteers researching a cure for their disease   

       Thus there is the opportunity to do more research more effectively if we turn to human volunteers
beanangel, Apr 17 2009

       As a vegetarian myself, I have to give this a tofu-based, replica fishbone, I'm afraid. The only meaningful way to convert people to anything is by argument & persuasion. Frankly, and rather depressingly, if people haven't been converted to become veggies by the existence of McDonald's (amongst others) and the never-ending cycle of health scares then I doubt that they are likely to sign up en masse for your pill. Sorry!
DrBob, Apr 17 2009

       I think that the demonstrated safety of highfat Atkins-like diets turns on its head the received wisdom that meat causes ill health. It is equally plausible that it is carbohydrates and specifically refined carbohydrates that cause the diseases of civilization.
bungston, Apr 17 2009

       [bungston] I found a metaanalysis that suggests authentic benefit   

       the thing that really creeps me out with this idea is that to do the same amount of research or more human volunteers must come forward I actually think the little critters have a right to refuse service thus only creatures that could actually refuse to participate at any moment qualify as lab mammals
beanangel, Apr 17 2009

       //Thus there is the opportunity to do more research more effectively if we turn to human volunteers//   

       Well, this is my field and I am happy to report that you are talking out of your beany arse. Have you ever tried creating a line of transgenic clonal humans? No, of course you haven't, you stupid bean. Are you aware that human volunteers are already widely used in mid-stage drug trials, and (in many cases) don't expect to receive a penny for it? No, of course you're not. Are you aware of the fact that researchers will generally try every possible way to avoid animal testing because, apart from the fact that they don't enjoy it, it's a pain in the arse? No, you're probably not.   

       I don't mind people being wrong. I don't mind people having opinions opposite to my own when they have taken the time to learn a little about it and can make a good argument. I do get irritated by people who haven't got the faintest idea what they're talking about making stupid remarks about someone else's (my) profession.   

       I can't drive an aeroplane, so I generally don't run around telling commercial pilots to do it differently.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 17 2009

       I always wondered why some of your ideas had so few annotations. (-)
WcW, Apr 17 2009

       I appreciate the effort of the commentators [bungston] wrote   

       Other big dietary studies have been done - an example is the Women's Health Initiative for lowfat diet. I think such a study would be easier to do in India, where there is a sizeable population that is already vegetarian (so the societal infrastructure to support vegetarianism would be in place), and an even larger population of potential study subjects who are not vegetarian but for whom it would probably not be a tremendous strain (because of existing local infrastructure) to switch to vegetarianism for the period of the study, if compensated. Also, a little compensation would go a long way in India.   

       (deleted material)   

       As regards ignorance, I personally have much advice to give to commercial pilots despite not being able to drive an aeroplane. Mostly my advice has to do with all of those unused and lonely switches and buttons (just give them a chance! They may surprise you!), and the need to fly lower to better see what is going on down there. — bungston, Apr 17 2009
beanangel, Apr 17 2009

       You deleted that hilarious giraffe penis joke! It put everything into context!
bungston, Apr 17 2009

       It would be easier to make you very sick whenever you tried to digest animal specific proteins but I don't see why this is needed or ethical. Forcing people to do your will seems very exciting to you. I can only imagine that this comes as a response to a feeling of powerlessness, or exposure to a culture of external control. Consider what implications your controlling philosophy would have in the hands of someone else, what unpleasant things might be forced on you. Maybe you are familiar with this already....
WcW, Apr 17 2009

       Lion. Obligate carnivore. Lifespan in captivity 25 years.   

       Rabbit. Obligate vegetarian. Lifespan in captivity 5-10 years.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 17 2009

       If there were a voluntary vegetarianizing treatment that would make me live longer I'd have certainly tried it   

       the writing that I did not give to Newscientist is readable at http://tinyurl.com/c2obq2
beanangel, Apr 17 2009

       I believe such a scheme has already been tried, and is entirely voluntary.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 18 2009

       I saw a video on the news when we had a mad cow scare showing how slaughter houses were shoveling the cows into the death bin even tho they were sick with some disease.   

       This was here but I'm sure it happens everywhere. Stopped me from ever touching any mass killed anything ever again it did. The look on the poor sick heifer's face was gut wrenching. Now if that didn't turn the entire population into veggies I doubt nothing will. Sadly.
blissmiss, Apr 18 2009

       primarily vegetarian, many species of tortoise will eat insects worms and grubs if available although they rarely make this more than 10% of their caloric input. For many long lived turtles the consumption of non-plant calories is higher. I have also had turtles that completely eschewed the fleshy sustenance. Eating what you were built to eat seems to be the key to living an average lifespan.
WcW, Apr 18 2009

       //the creature with one of the longest lifespans on the planet, is vegetarian// Yes, but is it happy?   

       I think, to be honest, that all this business about this or that diet being healthy is a bunch of hooey. The human body is not a formula 1 car (though, of course, I like to think that mine comes close); it's a steam engine. It'll run on just about anything as long as you have a bit of variety, enough basic nutrients, and not a ludicrous excess of anything.   

       Vegetarians are sometimes found to be fitter in surveys; in general it's because they take more care over what they eat, not because they avoid meat.   

       If anything, cereals and the like (and maybe milk) are the most likely foods to be "harmful", since they are the only major new components in our diet, and therefore the ones that evolution's least prepared us for.   

       Of course, if you hadn't deleted Bungston's giraffe penis joke, I wouldn't have to explain all this.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 18 2009

       I think the biggest commercial interest in such a pill would be to ensure that a burger chain's over- processed meat products is preferred to that of their the over-processed meat of their rival.
Aristotle, Apr 18 2009

       //if you hadn't deleted Bungston's giraffe penis joke, I wouldn't have to explain all this//Nowhere else is such a defense deemed perfectly normal.
blissmiss, Apr 18 2009

       //Have you ever tried creating a line of transgenic clonal humans? //

Frequently! I've been working on it in my shed at weekends for nearly twenty years now and my army of evil clones is almost ready to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Just a few final adjustments to make...
DrBob, Apr 20 2009

       Has anyone ever played the game Portal? A great game with a darkly humorous backstory - there are two characters; the player, a mute anonymous orange-jumpsuited test-subject, and the HAL-esque jargon spouting unhinged artificial intelligence "GLaDOS".   

       Ever since having both played that game, and seen [beanangel]'s spooky videos - the two have become conceptually linked - and I am left wondering if [beanangel] has ever had occasion to offer anyone cake.
zen_tom, Apr 20 2009

       Why are everyone's clone armies evil? I wish just once someone would create an army of polite and considerate clones.
hippo, Apr 20 2009

       I like the idea of a spray that will make animal proteins taste less good - for ecological reasons i often researched ways to reduce my input of meat, but the abstract knowledge of energy expenditure in the production of animal proteins has no chance against the superb taste. - I tried tofu in all its incarnations (sic!), but it simply does not compare.   

       I am not sure about the testing part of the idea, though - could you clarify, [beanangel]? - How does this relate to animal testing and why do you single out mammals?
loonquawl, Apr 20 2009

       Good point, hippo. When my clones attack and annihilate mankind, I shall give them instructions to do so with as much courtesy as they can muster and to avoid making a mess if they possibly can.
DrBob, Apr 20 2009

       "When you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite."   

       Winston S. Churchill.
coprocephalous, Apr 20 2009

       //occasion to offer anyone cake.// is that a 'Wanky Shit Demon' reference, [zen_tom]?
gnomethang, Apr 22 2009

       //I like the idea of a spray that will make animal proteins taste less good - for ecological reasons i often researched ways to reduce my input of meat, but the abstract knowledge of energy expenditure in the production of animal proteins has no chance against the superb taste.// Well, have you tried pouring large amounts of battery acid on meat, or generous amounts of peanut butter or clam- juice? Don't be silly, of course you haven't. Nor would you or anyone else voluntarily take a pill or use a spray to make meat less appetising.   

       Nor do I see why you need a pill to make vegatarian food taste better. Vegetables take excellent, or like crap, depending on the chef. Apart from being dumb, this is a stoopid idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 22 2009

       When I thought about it I liked the idea that just as people have PRK, as well as erotic warming lubricants, they could have a technology of taste modification to make what they actually ate taste better With The Giant Benefit of preferring foods that promoted longevity plus minimized harm to other creatures   

       People measurably prefer juice to fruit; making ordinary green vegetables taste like fruit juice or even sugar wafers would have me guzzling kale n broccoli
beanangel, Apr 22 2009

       Beany, baby, you so need to fire your vegetable chef - I don't think he can be doing it right.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 22 2009

       Wouldn't militant vegetarians poison the water supply with such a drug?
Aristotle, Apr 23 2009

       //and if there was some magic, fast food chains would be coating meat with it to perpetuate whatever they are perpetuating//   

       MSG anyone?
ye_river_xiv, Apr 23 2009

       I'm sad. I got here too late for the giraffe penis joke. :'(
stilgar, Apr 25 2009

       Don't be an ass, rcarty. In countries where animal testing of cosmetics is performed (which, incidentally, isn't research), it's the government that says it has to be done, not the researchers.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2009

       //The pin factory in the Wealth of Nations was for grenades// More than likely, more than likely. The point being?   

       //There is quite a large difference between //the government allows it// and //we have to//, don't ya think? // Quite so. That's why I didn't say "the government allows it", I said "it's the government that says it has to be done, not the researchers."   

       My point being (insofar as I have a point) that rcarty made the implication that researchers drop stuff in animals eyes for the fun of it. Aside from the fact that it's not research, the point is that it's the government that enforces such tests, in countries where they are used.   

       I hope I'm not being too complicated here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2009

       //I don't think most researchers enjoy it, but they are simply indifferent to the suffering. //   

       Well, I'm not sure if you class employees doing mandatory safety tests for cosmetics as "researchers" - I wouldn't.   

       The only researchers I know are the ones I work with, who are involved in medically-oriented research. They dislike having to use animals and have pretty much the same feelings for animals (in general) as anyone else. They are less comfortable with (and less 'indifferent to') killing a mouse than I imagine a poultry slaughterer is to killing a chicken.   

       They generally design and perform the experiments, and publish the results, so they (and anyone else who wants to read) know exactly what is going on and why. They do so because they believe that their work stands a significant chance of contributing to the alleviation of human disease or suffering.   

       You might well disagree with their judgement and question whether they or anyone else has the right to use animals for man's benefit. I'm happy for anyone to hold that view. What pisses me off is the implication that my colleagues do animal experiments for fun or on a whim.   

       There, that's better. Carry on.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2009

       [gnomethang] - ha! No, I've never heard of "Wanky Shit Demon" before, and am surprised to find that I can access it from here at work without it kicking off any of the stark warnings that usually go off when viewing non-family content. I am glad I had the sound turned down now though - I'll be sure to review this when I get home tonight...   

       I was referring to the game "Portal" which features a deranged AI composed of a series of intelligence cores (separate units providing the main system with morality, curiosity, logic and anger [not sure why someone would design an AI to exhibit anger, but it makes for a reasonable plot-point])   

       During the course of the game, it becomes apparent that someone accidentally corrupted the logic core with a recipe file, causing the AI to develop a fixation on cake, and get a bit Hallish.
zen_tom, Apr 27 2009

       We do actually eat quite a lot of insects already without knowing it. There are quotas of maximum acceptable insect bits in food and I know for a fact that I've eaten mushrooms from a batch which was noticeably maggoty the next day, for instance.
nineteenthly, Oct 27 2015

       Eating more fungi is a great idea. I've eaten slices of beefsteak fungus fried in butter which looks uncannily like steak and tastes pleasantly meaty too.
hippo, Oct 27 2015

       I think maybe if you do eat more fungi, you might end up eating more insects unwittingly anyway. But yes, I always wanted to try a bit of beefsteak fungus myself.
nineteenthly, Oct 27 2015

       Probably not - a mushroom is closer to a human than it is to a turnip.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 27 2015

       Did I figure this out late, or does this constitute breaking news that [beanangel] and [treon] share a body ?   

       From [beanangel]'s anno above:   

       " the writing that I did not give to Newscientist is readable at http://tinyurl.com/c2obq2 — beanangel, Apr 17 2009 "   

       The author of the post at the link is...
normzone, Oct 27 2015

       Yes, [treon] and [beany] are one and the same. However, things like this always happen in threes, so there maybe another one due any time now.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 27 2015


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