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diet aid = anti-taste

stop tasting the food we eat and eat less
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I have come to the conclusion that if I could not taste the food I eat I would eat far less. I would focas more on eating until my stomach is full instead of just providing my taste bids with stimuli. Is there any type spray (that has a neutral taste) that could temporarily (for 10 or 15 minutes, or longer) numb my taste buds? I could spray it into mouth before eating and get way less satisfaction from eating. Therefore I would limit the food I eat and loss weight. Thank you in advance for any help you might give me.
xxjake, Dec 07 2003


       Most of what we perceive as flavour comes from our sense of smell, not of taste. Taste is simply sweet-sour-salt-bitter. Flavour is much more complex. Therefore to not "taste" food, your best bet is to hold your nose as you eat. Buy a nose clip.
hazel, Dec 07 2003

       Have your stomach stapled. Making your taste buds num won't fix the psychological dependance you have on food, which is why most people are overweight (when it's not caused by metabolic problems, that is).
Pericles, Dec 07 2003

       a funny thing, laughing causes food/drink to exit via the nose - and its painful.
po, Dec 07 2003

       Painfully tasty, that is...   

       [xxjake] why not just have your chorda tympani nerve (taste - cranial nerve VII) surgically severed until you're skinny again?
Overpanic, Dec 07 2003

       Simpler idea: Marry my ex wife....take over payments?
Eddie's son's Lightbulb, Dec 08 2003

       Sorry, this won't work. Any disciplinary diet plan which requires you to impose the discipline (here, by making yourself use the spray) will fail, because you will choose not to use it.
phundug, Dec 08 2003

       Since people with brain damage can lose their sense of smell and taste, surely there must be space for some lobotomy-style surgical procedure to perform this permanently. However Selma from The Simpsons has no sense of taste or smell, and she's pretty fat, so Pericles is probably right.
kropotkin, Dec 08 2003

       Oh man...scientific fact quoted from the Simpsons.   

       Today is gonna be a good day.
Overpanic, Dec 08 2003

       Could work. I certainly wouldn't try it though, regardless of how wide I was.
RobertKidney, Dec 08 2003

       I was going to add my idea for a smell-free diet but then I found this. But it is important to block smells as hazel says, because most of your "taste" is smell. I find when I have a cold I eat less and eat very healthily, because there is no point eating bad stuff as you can't taste it anyway. Some kind of spray that will remove your sense of smell for a week would do the trick. You would want some kind of device for warning you about gas leaks, smoke and your own body odour.
ooooooooo, Jan 14 2005


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