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Pillbox toothbrush caddy

Easy way to remember.
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Many adults who have teeth do because of their habit of brushing them. This is not hard to remember to do: both long habit and skanky mouth are reminders. Pills however, are harder to remember.

I propose a toothbrush caddy pill dispenser. On removing the toothbrush for mouthly ablutions, pills fall onto a small bell (which rings) and from there into a tray. On replacing the brush, a spring is pushed down preparing the caddy for another round of dispensement.

It might be necessary to have a battery powered clock integrated. This will prevent dispensing at night when you remove your toothbrush. Maybe that is getting too fussy.

bungston, Jun 08 2009


       Totally stupid and unnecessarily complicated... dear, oh dear. It's a wonder you don't have the pills bouncing up from a small trampoline into your open mouth! (but of course have this bun to rot out your remaining molars) [+]
xenzag, Jun 08 2009

       Why have the pills be dispensed into a tray? The toothbrush could carry them into the mouth.
loonquawl, Jun 09 2009

       But if you eat the toothpaste you might hurl. True!
bungston, Jun 10 2009

       Bun, but the typical geriatric patient who would be more prone to forgetting and who is on a cocktail of meds might also have dentures. Do you have to brush dentures or just pop them in a glass next to your bed?
Maybe a pillbox-denture-cleaner combo for the edentulous?
shudderprose, Jun 10 2009

       My only fear is the proximity to water. I wonder if they might get splashed or wet by accident. Otherwise a sound idea. (Maybe encase all the pills in aluminum foil first? eewww).
blissmiss, Jun 10 2009


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