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QR Codes or BarCode Reader for Legibility

Use webcam or QR reader on phone to display product info in legible type
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[Akimbomidget] had a great idea for using webcams to enter copyprotection serial code for software. [Klaatu] pointed out the propensity to put all serial numbers in 6pt font.

My idea is to use a webcam or QR reader to grab the barcode or QR code off of medicine bottles (or any other products with limited display space) in order to then display the dosage instructions or any other relevant information in LARGE PRINT on the screen. My pet peeve is important instructions printed in gray on gray raised plastic in the aforementioned 6pt font.

AusCan531, Dec 21 2011


       You just got the old fart/blind vote! [+]
Klaatu, Dec 21 2011

       Would be useful for dosage instructions that wouldn't fit, even in 6-point. I've seen some that took two pages in 12-point.   

       Would also be useful if the medication instructions changed when you were halfway finished with the bottle.
mouseposture, Dec 21 2011

       You go also select to have the instructions displayed in the language of your choice.
AusCan531, Dec 22 2011


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